Stop Darwin Day!

Two Connecticut Congressmen have introduced Darwin Day resolutFeatured Image -- 3796
ions this year. House Resolution 548 is sponsored by Rep. Jim Hines (CT-4);
Senate Resolution 337 is sponsored by Senator Richard Blumenthal (D- Connecticut). It comes as no surprise that the resolutions are backed by the Secular Coalition of America and the American Humanist Association.

The resolutions seek to honor Charles Darwin is “a worthy symbol on which to celebrate the achievements of reason, science, and the advancement of human knowledge” and as a “worthy symbol of scientific advancement on which to focus and around which to build a global celebration of science and humanity intended to promote a common bond among all the people of the Earth;” however pork language included in the resolution regarding teaching creation in public schools, climate change and global warming make it clear that this resolution is an ill-advised attempt to correct democracy where it concerns scientific theories.

The charge of teaching creation in public schools smacks of beating a dead horse; since it’s been deemed unconstitutional many times over, I can only presume this is an emotional appeal meant to further polarize those with a stake in the creation-evolution debate. According to the polls, most Americans do not affirm all-natural evolution, despite the fact that this is exactly and exclusively what public schools teach; the democratic majority overwhelmingly affirms either special creation or theistic evolution. While polls show increased support for climate change, it has been strongly linked with support for evolution by those seeking to polarize and politicize these issues. Americans should be concerned about such attempts to protect scientific theories by law and political action, thereby insulating them from the self-correcting process of scientific inquiry. In other words, politicians and lawmakers should stay out of scientific debates precisely because scientific theories are meant to stand or fall with the evidence.

We are strongly urging our fellow citizens to oppose HR 548 and SR 337 by calling and emailing your representatives to let them know you oppose the Darwin Day resolution. Let science correct and establish its own theories, so that it may remain science in truth.

Get involved at and on Facebook.

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  1. jesusknight says:

    I thought they already had a day. April 1st comes to mind, as the Word says that its a ‘fool’ who says there is no God..

    Thanks for the info!

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