The Starbucks Holiday Cup Controversy?

Though I’ve been told that Christians are furious over the Starbucks holiday cup, the truth is that really I don’t care astarbucksbout this fabricated controversy. I mean, dude, I have real problems.

It has zero effect on my faith. It has even less effect on the spiritual climate of America. It’s a red cup. Starbucks isn’t taking Christ out of Christmas. They’re selling coffee in a cup that’s red because their logo is green and white and if you combine all that you have all of the traditional colors of Christmas.

Please don’t harass Starbucks in Jesus’ name by breaking the 9th Commandment. Your name is not “Merry Christmas” and everybody knows it. If this is your idea of a worthy culture war, you’re doing Christianity wrong.



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  1. drlindberg says:

    For once, you say something I agree with. Thank you for your common sense!

  2. jesusknight says:

    With all the REAL problems Christians face, why on earth would we care about a silly cup… absolutely CORRECT!! Let’s get serious about something real, folks!

    1. Tony Breeden says:

      I’ve actually yet to encounter a Christian who’s upset about this. Most of us seem to be upset that anyone thinks that most Christians are or even should be upset about this triviality.

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