The UFO Deception: How Answers in Genesis & Other Creationist Organizations Are Getting Aliens Wrong


It just kills me how many people conflate the modern UFO phenomenon with the separate question of whether alien life exists beyond Earth at all.

A couple weeks ago, I took the time to respond to creation astronomer Dr. Danny Faulkner’s article, “Is Belief in Alien Life Harmless?” in the Oct/Dec 2015 issue of Answers magazine. In that article, Faulkner’s thesis was that:

Isaiah 45:18 makes a distinction between God’s role for the earth and the heavens (the rest of the universe). It says that God did not create the earth in vain, but that He made it to be inhabited. While the Bible is not geocentric (placing the earth at the physical center of the universe), the earth is the center of God’s attention. Humans—and not ETs—are God’s primary concern in the universe.”

The trouble was that he took the anthropocentric focus of the Bible which could be taken to suggest that extraterrestrials do not exist a bit further to make the dogmatic statement that aliens do not exist. Worse still, he made the concept of no extraterrestrial life a “prediction” of the Bible in contrast to the evolutionary worldview. Put simply, he was making dogmatic statements about something the Bible is silent on, based on “Biblical principles” that turn out to be based on logical fallacies. Faulkner’s article then gives us an appeal to consequences coupled with an appeal to equality: (those poor aliens would be under the effects of the curse, without a remedy for their fallen state, and how fair would that b?…so aliens are impossible, right?). The trouble is that this isn’t really the case; as I demonstrated on my author website, if Adam’s original sin can be imputed apart from his bloodline then the Last Adam’s righteousness can likewise be imputed by faith apart from that bloodline. If only Adam’s bloodline was affected with the sanguine effects of the fall [eg., depravity], then any intelligent aliens we encounter would either be unfallen [but affected by the universal effects of the fall like everything else in creation] or fallen on their own [meaning their salvation is a matter between them and God.]

This post’s title singles out AiG, but I’m only mentioning them by name because they are the ones pushing this anti-alien agenda heavily right now. I have been a friend of AiG and will likely continue to do so; I am not a fan of overstatement when it makes claims for the Bible based on probabilities that could turn out to be harmful to the authority of Scripture and the become a stumbling block to the Gospel if their gamble doesn’t pay off! Answers in Genesis is not alone in making this potentially harmful error. Every major creationist organization I surveyed makes the same claims. No one states the facts appropriately by saying that the Bible strongly suggests that Earth alone is inhabited, but instead they dogmatically insist that the Bible says aliens do not exist based on “Biblical principles” propped up on logical fallacies.

For example, his translation of Isaiah 45:18 reads more into the text than actually exists.

Christians believe that the Earth is special and that God is actively involved in the affairs of its inhabitants. It may be true that the Earth is the center of God’s attention. He did created mankind in His own image after all. I won’t argue with that.

I can and will argue with the idea that just because Scripture says that God did not create the Earth in vain [empty] that this is meant as an iron-clad contrast with the heavens. We have three statements: God created the heavens. God created the earth. God did not create it in vain but to be inhabited. This does not necessarily imply that He by contrast made the heavens in vain to be uninhabited. Yet we have creationist organizations making absurd statements like this one made in Chapter 18 of the New Answers Book, “But where does the Bible discuss the creation of life on the “lights in the expanse of the heavens”? There is no such description because the lights in the expanse were not designed to accommodate life.”

That, my friends, is a bona fide argument from silence, the weakest and most inadvisable of all arguments. The Bible is equally silent about microbes and Black holes. We cannot say that the heavens were not designed for life simply because the Bible fails to mention this as being the case. It may simply be that the Bible’s revelation is, well, geocentric and does not concern itself with the affairs of God’s creations “in a galaxy far, far away.” It is certainly true that from an Earthbound perspective, the stars provide light and signs for season and a sense of awe at God’s creative power, but it may be that the Bible does not mention any other purpose for the heavens simply because it doesn’t concern us. The Bible’s silence regarding extraterrestrial lifeforms would not invalidate its inerrancy. We might simply note that extraterrestrial life was not really germane to the discussion as it were.

The context of Isaiah 45:18 is that God is assuring Israel that He is in control and that there is a purpose to everything He’s doing; there is a plan. He is saying, “I created the heavens. I created the Earth. I created the Earth with every intention of creating man. I had a plan when I created the universe, just as I have a plan for Israel and I did not make my promises to Jacob in vain.” To say that Isaiah 45:18 precludes the possibility of alien life is simply overstatement, because in order to do so one has to force a contrast that doesn’t really exist in the text. The text does say that God created the earth to be inhabited; it does not say He created the heavens to be uninhabited.

Now Dr. Faulkner is conflating the modern UFO/alien abduction phenomenon (whether life has visited Earth) with the bigger questuion of whetehr life exists at all. For the record, I agree with everything Dr. Faulkner said about UFOs and alien abduction anecdotes, just as I agree with Gary Bates’ conclusions on the matter: we’re likely looking a Satanic deception.

Unlike angelic visitations in the Bible, no one’s telling abductees to “Fear not” – and none of these alleged “aliens” are really up front about what they’re doing. Without our permission. Those methods – invasive, traumatic, secretive, terrifying – that sounds like the work of the other guys: you know, demons, fallen angels, the Devil. I think it’s pretty clear that Satan is largely responsible for the modern UFO deception.

Especially if we ask the question: Who benefits?

Is it God or the devil who benefits from these increasing UFO sightings and the subsequent increased belief in extraterrestrial life? Does this lead to an increased belief in God? Or increased unbelief? Oh, you see my point. While the possibility of little green men would in no way invalidate the Bible [and Christendom with it], since the Bible is an account of God’s dealings with MEN, it would be advertised popularly as evidence against special creation. In fact, the discovery of extraterrestrials would be evidence more in favor with intelligent design, given the improbable odds against life coming to be twice! Yet by the time creationists were given a voice to correct these notions, the evolutionists would have had a field day and would have again recruited those cowed theistic evolutionists [or progressive creationists or whatever you call these compromisers] into stating that good Christians really believe a form of evolution and not creation after all. Pawns.

I’ll expand the scenario. This is what I believe may occur.

I believe fallen angels may pose as aliens and will finally “come out” and feed the world a line about how they seeded us and how they’ve been watching us and will now aid us in the next stage of evolution. I believe they will initiate a purge of religious and philosophical beliefs which contradict them, in the name of evolutionary progress. Those seeds [that religious belief is the evolutionary equivalent of childhood and that atheism is a sort of growing up] have already been planted. Both evolutionists and progressive creationists will be satisfied since both evolution and ID will be given credence [you evolved according to our intelligent design, Earthlings]. If the Rapture occurs before or concurrently with their appearance, they may claim the disappearance of Christians is part of the initial purge. They may overcome moral objections to such religious cleansing by invoking the idea that we are in a sense property of theirs since they designed us [lightly accented], but besides that we Christians were some sort of evolutionary throwback or possessed of a mental/evolutionary flaw which was infecting humanity and holding us back from evolutionary Ubermensch [strongly accented].

I believe this is a good candidate for the “strong delusion” which the world will be sent during the Tribulation.

So, the facts about UFOs and alien abduction anecdotes stand thus:

  • Most modern UFO sightings end up having mundane explanations.
  • True UFOs are unlikely to be extraterrestrial in origin and seem more consistent with extra-dimensional and/or supernatural origins.
  • Some true UFOs are likely to have more mundane explanations for which there is, as yet, insufficient evidence.
  • Alien abduction anecdotes seem more like demonic visions than actual encounters with technologically advanced beings. Did I mention that CE4 Research Group (who get their name from Close Encounters of the 4th Kind, another term for alien abduction) found that Christian alien abduction experiences could be stopped cold simply by invoking the name and authority of Jesus? They call this “unwanted piece of the UFO puzzle.”
  • Our most likely candidate for the UFO/alien abduction phenomenon from the Biblical worldview are fallen angels posing as aliens visiting this planet.

Even so, the issue of the identity of UFOs and the belief in alien visitations to this planet is quite independent of the question of whether extraterrestrials might exist and whether they contradict the Bible’s revelation. We may all agree that reports of alleged extraterrestrials visiting Earth are Satanic deceptions, but what of aliens we’ve never encountered living somewhere out there in the heavens? I would caution Christian leaders against using emotional appeals based on the former to condemn consideration of the latter, because this is comparing apples to oranges. It’s tantamount to saying, “Aliens never visited Earth; therefore aliens don’t exist in space.”

While we’re on the subject of who benefits, let’s ourselves: Who benefits from respected Christian organizations stating dogmatically that aliens do not exist as a prediction of Scripture if extraterrestrials truly exist? Fallen angels with an agenda like the UFO deception could very well know of such life with certainty; and what lie is more believable than one based partially on truth? While I believe that they mean well, making dogmatic statements about things the Scriptures are silent upon is potentially bad for Bible authority and the credibility of the Gospel message it contains. All it takes is for one extraterrestrial to be discovered to destroy this ill-advised argument from silence. Think about it.

After a bit of reflection, I’ve decided to release an ebook on the subject of UFOs, the Bible and Aliens. Look for it very soon. And please take a brief moment to answer my Facebook Poll on the subject to help us get a better idea of where Christians stand on the issue of extraterrestrial life.


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  1. jesusknight says:

    I have believed for many years (since the late 80’s) that the notion of ufo’s and abductions are a deception, either by governments or (even more likely) a spiritual deception. I say that because I have noticed that most people who see them are more likely to fall from the faith and into false doctrines that re-write scriptures and seem very ‘New Agey’. The ones who have no faith, or are already New Age, seem to have no trouble believing New Age doctrines after seeing one of them.

    There is a small percentage that does not believe that it’s aliens at all, but is governmental deception to hide advanced tech for use against enemies of the state. That percentage seems to be growing as tech is getting more advanced. Most of those do not believe in the bible or its Author either.

    Almost NO ONE is converted to the faith once given to the saints from ANY of these ‘visitations’; just the opposite! They all go hunting for spirit guides, etc., instead of looking to the One who created them in the first place for their answers. Pretty basic deception stuff, but it still works on the un-discerning masses, unfortunately (including myself, once upon a time). Actually, in my face to face dealings with people where I live, I have personally met none who have seen a ufo AND was a Christian at the time of the sighting. EVER. That says a lot for the origin of ufo’s. I would very much love to see a statistical study done on that, but have never found one yet.

    Yep, it’s true that the deceptive seeds you speak about have been planted from the 1970’s on up to now, by movies (even Christian ones), games, etc., that ‘prove’ that evolution is alien in origin, and aliens are the genetic, spiritual, and historical ‘fathers’ of mankind. And many soft-minded individuals (not to mention groups!) believe it to be truth and are eating it up like candy. It’s just plain sad that many of God’s people do not exercise discernment in this area.

    I do not believe that if aliens existed in this (or any) universe that it would contradict the bible at all.. God is well able to create anything and anyone He desires without contradicting Himself in any way; although I have met people who would disagree with this and tell me I cannot be saved if I believe thus. Salvation does not depend upon belief in extraterrestrial life at all! BUT lots of people use this argument to lure the un-discerning to believe so and in so doing hurt the gospel.

    Why haven’t we ever met these ‘others’? It could be that God is unwilling for us to meet for some reason; it could be that they cannot travel any more than we can to other areas of space that are inhabited; it could be any number of things. It’s all speculation until we find each other.

    As for the ebook, that is a great idea, and I would SO buy that one!

  2. satan shall come as an angel of light

  3. The whole truth says:

    It’s hilarious to see someone (you Tony) who believes in ridiculous, horrible, insane, impossible religious fairy tales griping about the way in which others (AIG and other bible thumping loons) who believe in the same ridiculous, horrible, insane, impossible religious fairy tales interpret those fairy tales. ALL of you creobots are nuts and a menace to society.

    1. Tony Breeden says:

      Sure, sure. I can totally see how being part of an altruistic religion that has us telling our children that they were made by a benevolent Creator rather than been born as a lucky accident in an uncaring universe makes a menace to society. We were even crazy enough to found much of the sciences in our nutty quest to “think God’s thoughts after Him.” [].

      I’m sure you much more prefer the all-natural science fictions of the grand theory of evolution:

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