Serving Up Dependence? Are We Teaching Kids To Depend on Government Handouts?

school_lunches_090312While I’m a homeschooler, I don’t often blog on the subject. Recently, I had an experience that made me think, We’re doing something wrong here in America.

A table of boys in a grade school cafeteria asked me a question that I get from time to time from kids:

“Why are you a janitor?”

I know. I know. Rudely put, but I like to look for teachable moments. So I said:

“I’m a custodian. I work because I need money. I have four kids to feed after all.”

One of the boys looked confused. Finally he asked:

“Why don’t you just get a tray then?”

Did you see what happened there? He was used to just grabbing a tray that someone in the public school system handed him. He had no idea that this system costs taxpayers. I doubt he realizes that someone has to pay for it at all.

I couldn’t help but wonder, especially in light of the fact that Michelle Obama wants to expand the school lunch program, whether we’re fostering an entitlement attitude that is very much at odds with the traditional spirit of American independence.


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