Another Great Review of Johnny Came Home: Is Survival of the Fittest Justifiable Among Humans?

Peter R. Stone, author of A Knight from Dein, posted this awesome review of Johnny Came Home on Amazon:

After his parents perished in a house fire, Johnny vowed never to return to his
hometown, to never again see the boarded up remains of his fire-gutted family
home. Yet inexplicably he returns, dragging his best friend with him. And
plunges them both into a world gone mad – for Pandora’s box has been opened,
unleashing ‘evil’ X-Men style antagonists onto the deceptively sleepy town. For
this is a town of secrets, all of which are related to the shadowy Titan
Corporation and its ultra-secret research.

This is an action packed
novel, the action starts near the beginning and never lets up, and continues to
ramp up in intensity as it draws towards its finale. And it is a most enjoyable
ride, I found it difficult to put down, wondering how on earth the characters
would overcome the seemingly invincible agents of Pandora.

The author
explores the concepts of the unmapped areas of the human brain/mind. What if we
could use other areas of the 90% or so of our minds? Could we develop X-Men
style abilities? Would we in fact still even be human? Is survival of the
fittest justifiable amongst humans? All of these questions are examined in the
light of solid Biblical teachings which are an integral part of the story (not
preaching), giving us a quantifiable yardstick to measure them against.

Which is to say, if you haven’t aleady,  buy Johnny Came Home at the and begin the adventure today! Available in trade paperback and Kindle editions.


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