A Ready Defense: Living Fossils

One of my favorite BBC television shows is Primeval. Oh, I know the show [like almost all BBC fare] presupposes millions of years of microbes-to-man evolution, but what can I say? I like ‘prehistoric’ beasties. The premise of the show is that little rifts in space-time appear on occasion, allowing dinosaurs and other ‘prehistoric’ creatures to come to the present day [and vice versa].

In the very first episode, the protagonist holds up a fossil of a Coelacanth and explains that this fish lived millions of years ago, but then suddenly vanished from the fossil record. At one time, it was considered an index fossil, a geological marker that gave us an indication of the relative age of the rocks around it. But then two species of this fish showed up in modern times, looking pretty much identical to its fossil counterpart despite millions of years in which to change. The Coelacanth isn’t a problem for the evolutionists in the show because living fossils are explained by their science fantasy world’s time portals – but it is still very much a problem for scientists in the real world. Dr. Carl Werner has catalogued an overwhelming number of living fossils, creatures whose fossils indicate that they are identical to organisms that exist today.

The evolutionist is left wondering why they didn’t either evolve, or why nature didn’t select them for extinction. The Biblical creationist who affirms that the fossil record is largely the result of a worldwide flood in the days of Noah a few thousand years ago has no such problems.

You can find out more about living fossils in Carl Werner’s excellent book, Evolution: The Grand Experiment, Volume 2 – Living Fossils. Read our review of this amazing resource here . You can also purchase this book at our DefGen.org eStore.


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