The John Lazarus Adventures

As many of you already know, Johnny Came Home was self-published on Sept 28, 2012!

We’re very excited obviously… and we’ve been so involved with promoting it that we forgot to update the website!

For those of you just tuning in, Johnny Came Home is an action-packed apologetics sci-fi novel filled with epic battles, zombies, comic book gadgets, flying saucers, conspiracy theories, and Biblical truth! While this book addresses issues pertaining to Biblical authority, creation versus evolution and racism, when I say it’s action packed, I mean it. I set out to write the kind of novel I would normally pick up at a secular bookstore but without the secular worldview!

In fact, one reader has this to say about Johnny Came Home:

“For some reason, the book reminds me of Transformers. Probably the nonstop action, explosions, and destruction.”

So basically if you’re a bit weary of going to the local Christian bookstores only…

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