The Chronicles of Time – Book 1: Prophecy of the Heir by JC Lamont – Crimson Moon Press (2012)

The Bookwyrm's Lair

JC Lamont’s Prophecy of the Heir is an ambitious and daringly imaginative fantasy retelling the Bible’s history from the Creation of our universe to the birth of Christ Himself, as seen through the eyes of angels, both faithful and fallen. Her novel combines the spiritual warfare and intrigue of CS Lewis or Frank Peretti with heroic action and adventure pulled from the pages of the Bible itself, remaining faithful to the Biblical revelation of a young earth and special creation.

Lamont’s characters are engaging and believable. In this imaginative retelling of history according to the Bible, she reminds us that the Bible is a book of adventure and high drama. Prophecy of the Heir will make you look at the Scriptures anew through the eyes of warring angels [Malakim] and devils [Shaityrim]. Throughout the book, the archangel Michael struggles to believe that God’s love is behind His judgments upon the…

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