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Few books in Christendom are wrapped around as brilliant a concept as this one. Within the pages of Who Needs A Superhero?, author H. Michael Brewer takes his love and knowledge of comic book superheroes and explores some key doctrines of the faith. Surprisingly, this book is neither fluff nor boring.

Through Superman, he gives us a modern re-telling of the ultimate superhero, Jesus, noting how Superman was only a rescuer [p.71], and only became a savior when he laid down his life for his people [p. 77].

Through the Hulk, he explores our captivity to our monstrous sin nature. “As Bruce Banner discovered with the Hulk, sin separates us from ourselves… Ultimately, sin extinguishes any kind of healthy self-love and replaces it with loathing; worst of all, sin separates us from our Creator – rebelling against God and building a wall between us” [p. 34].

Through Batman, we…

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