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Egyptian chronology simply doesn’t confirm the Bible, but there is an excellent reason for this. Egyptian chronologies contain inflated lifespans for their god-kings and do not take into account Eusebius’ statement that “several Egyptian kings ruled at the same time… It was not a succession of kings occupying the throne one after the other, but several kings reigning at the same time in different regions” [p.73]. This state of affairs caused quite a few paradoxes for history; for example, “Sennacherib records his wars against the Hittites – rather hard to explain if the Hittites ceased to be a nation 400 years earlier [by traditional Egyptian chronology]” [pp.75-76].

John Ashton and David Downs suggest in Unwrapping the Pharaohs that that “instead of relying on Egyptian history and dates, and calculating the dates of neighboring countries on the basis of synchronizing with Egypt, it is essential to consider the evidence from Assyria…

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