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Tim Chaffey and Joe Westbrook return with the third installment of the Truth Chronicles, following the time-travelling adventures of four teens from Silicon Valley Prep, wonderfully illustrated by Inkhana.

Since I’ve likened the tone of Book 2 of this series to The Empire Strikes Back, it should come as little surprise that I compare Book 3 to Return of the Jedi. Just as Jedi begins with a mini-adventure that wraps up the loose ends of Empire [rescuing a carbonite-encased Han Solo from the clutches of gangster Jabba the Hutt] before launching into the grand finale against the New Death Star, The Rescue resolves the time-travelling cliffhanger of The Contest before launching into yet another great adventure filled with humor, close calls, a few surprises and dinosaurs in pre-Flood times.

Since I refuse to give any spoilers, you’ll simply have to pick up a copy yourself. The cover art…

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