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As someone who regularly speaks and writes on issues dealing with our Biblical origins, I don’t often get a chance to read anything dealing with eschatology, or the study of things to come.

Oh, we creationists do point out that this fallen and flood-scarred creation groans and travails for rebirth [Romans 8:22]; that Paul linked the Creation [in the First Adam] to the Resurrection of Christ [the last Adam] and onward to our Blessed Hope in 1 Corinthians 15; and (to those who say we can add millions of years and/or microbes-to-man evolution to the Bible) that if this world will be restored to its pre-Fall as promised in Acts 3:21, yet death, mutation, disease, suffering, thorns, natural disasters and mass extinction abound in the fossil record, we really haven’t got a good future to look forward to (i.e., Acts 3:21 only makes sense if there was no pre-Fall death…

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