Reflecting the Light

Our reflected light is the result of beholding His face. As the moon reflects the light of the sun, but has no light of it’s own, we reflect the glory of God. When the moon is full, we see the most of the sun’s reflected glory, but what’s going on during a new moon or a crescent moon or a gibbous moon? The moon gets in the way of the sun’s light and casts a shadow on the Earth. Have you ever heard a more perfect description of our walk with God? Whenever God’s glory is reflected imperfectly, it’s because we’re standing in the way. The more we get in the way, the less light we reflect. How many of us are gibbous? half moons? crescents? How many of us would have to be honest enough to admit that if anyone were to look your way they would only see a black disc in the heavens, barely discernable against the starlit backdrop? How many of us could honestly say we’re at full reflection?

Update: Providing Things Honest In the Sight of All Men: Ken Ham, Susan Wise Bauer and the Great Homeschool Convention

Many of you have read my previous article regarding Great Homeschool Conventions’ outrageous decision to permanently ban Ken ham and Answers in Genesis from all future conventions for calling Dr. Peter Enns of Biologios a compromiser for, well, compromising the plain meaning of Scripture for an arbitrarily applied “incarnational” interpretation of Scripture. GHC have remained tight-lipped…