A Critique of the Archko Library (via DefendingGenesis.org)

At this time of the year, as Easter approaches, I often get a lot of folks searching DefendingGenesis.org for information on the Archko Volume. I ran afoul of a preacher who espoused this work once and investigated the matter immediately. It is a reprehensible fraud. In fact, the author of the Archko Volume plagiarized one section of this book from Ben Hur, was caught and convicted of fraud by his presbytery and promised never to reprint this book. Instead he took out the objectionable material and kept publishing it. It persists to this day, deceiving many.

Here is my in-depth critique of the fraudulous Archko Volume.


I. Introduction   It should be said that before coming  to the church this article was originally addressed to, I had never before heard of the Archko Library.  I'm an avid reader with a voracious appetite for theology, but it had never come to my notice. I grew up in Bible-believing, Bible-preaching fundamentalist churches, but it was never mentioned from any of the numerous pulpits I've been audience to. I've been to Bible College where I was e … Read More

via DefendingGenesis.org

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  1. Mark King says:

    I think of it as akin to Lovecraft’s infamous Necronimicon: a faked/fictional “ancient” work to support someone’s mythos or ideaology. Of course there’s always a few who deny its obvious fakeness & take it seriously.

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