– 2010 in Review

2010 was a pretty big year for us here at DefGen. There have certainly been a lot of changes.

There were a few disappointments, to be sure. We deeply regretted having to cancel what would have been West Virginia’s first-ever Creation Science Fair. The Mountain State, scarred from its part in the public education debate over creation and evolution [aa part of the so-called 1974 Textbook War], has become gun-shy on the origins debate. As a result, there is much once-fertile ground that must be cleared and much fallow ground to till before we can reap as we’d like. We ask not for ease, but rather boldness and unction!

We were also forced to shut down the Creation Sunday Network at Ning made the decision to discontinue all free networks at a time when we were considering whether we shouldn’t find a better way to accomplish our goals.  I had created the Creation Sunday network on Ning in February 2009, but didn’t launch it until June of the same year. Ironically, a full year after its launch [June 2010], we made the decision to shut it down.

That doesn’t mean we’ve given up on the idea. We still think a state-by-state grassroots movement is what God wants for the Creation Sunday initiative. In fact, we encourage you to keep connected with as we seek God’s face for how to push this initiative in the future. At the end of 2010, we launched a Creation Sunday blogsite at to help promote Creation Sunday events for Creation Sunday 2011 [Feb 13th] and beyond. 

A press release issued January 26th [Ministry Urges Churches to Celebrate Creation Sunday, Not Evolution Sunday] resulted in a stir of media attention for Creation Sunday 2010. Some of the radio interviews the release resulted in are available to listen to at the podcast site we launched in early 2010 –  

After Creation Sunday 2010, things slowed down a bit until summer. In June, we moved the Noah’s Ark: Beyond Flannelgraph posts we’d begun at the beginning of the year at to its own blogsite, mostly for aesthetics sake. The Noah’s Ark Q & A site remains popular and is expanded as we get new questions.

The timing couldn’t have been better! Though I didn’t know it at the time, a month later I would end up portraying Noah in full make up and costume at a very special week-long VBS program: Emmanuel Baptist Church [Charleston, WV] turned their sanctuary into a live mock-up of the Ark interior complete with stalls and animals. More details and photos are available in our Summer 2010 Newsletter.

Over the course of Summer 2010, I also participated as a speaker at the Kanawha Creation Science Group’s 8th annual WV Creation Conference and various church and VBS speaking engagements, including an out-of-this world Creation Space Camp at Sar Shalom Bible Center [Hurricane, WV]. 

Summer’s end also brought with it the launch of The Bookwyrm’s Lair, a book review site aimed at reviewing Creationist and Evolutionist resources from a decidely Young Earth Creationist point of view. Lots of folks ask me for advice on which Creationist resources might best fit their needs. This review site is intended to help Bible-affirming Christians discern which resources are trustworthy and applicable to their needs. Our very first review, of Ken Ham and Britt Beemer’s Already Gone, was noticed before we even had a chance to advertise the site, which obviously helped jumpstart the site’s visibility quite well! 

In September 2010, we issued a Media Advisory concerning Stephen Hawking’s new book, The Grand Design, and its promotion of a godless Big Bang and infinite, unobservable multiverses. We also attended AiG’s Answers For Pastors conference, where we were given the opportunity to share and Creation Sunday with those attending.

We rounded out the year by launching a new initiative we’d been hinting at most of the year, Operation: Wittenberg. Throughout the year, we’ve been unable to shake the notion that much of the Church has become Biblically illiterate. Rather than being our ultimate authority and the basis of our thinking in every area, our Bibles are collecting dust. Our commitment to defend the historical veracity of Genesis has always been about Biblical authority. We realize now more than ever that we are entering the Last Days, where even churchmen turn away from the truth to fables and heap to themselves teachers that tell them what they want to hear [promoting worldliness and greed with a varnish of religiosity] instead of what they need to hear. We urged churches to nail the Genesis Declaration and the first 11 chapters of Genesis to their church doors on October 31st, Reformation Sunday, as a sign that they intended to dedicate themselves anew to the authority of Scripture. We expanded that vision beyond Reformation Sunday when we announced our Year of the Bible campaign for 2011. Let God be true and every man a liar!  

At the bottom of this post, you can view some rather dry but notable statistics, comparing 2009 and 2010. God has blessed us with opportunities and our ministry continues to grow more popular. We are grateful, to say the least!

2009 Year End Statistics:

  • [formerly Sirius Knotts & Thoughts]:  54,460 hits [All-time] / 25,069 [2009]
  • 9,906 hits since December 2008 / 162 Creation Letter signatures / 29 Clergy for Creation signatures worldwide
  • Creation Sunday 2010 Facebook Cause members: 115

2010 Year End Statistics:

  • [formerly Sirius Knotts & Thoughts]: 
    • 93,956 hits [All-time]
    • 39,619 [2010]
    • 14,550+ than 2009 / about 36% more hits
    • 109 hits/day [2010] vs 69 HPD [2009]
    • 21,733 [All-time]
    • 11,861 [2010]
    • 289 Creation Letter signatures (2009 year-end + 127)
    • 73 Clergy for Creation signatures worldwide (2009 year-end + 44)
    • 2140+ than 2009 / about 22% more
    • 27 v. 32 hpd [2009/2010]
    • Creation Sunday 2010 Facebook Cause members: 232

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