A Ready Defense: Does Morality Evolve? (via DefendingGenesis.org)

In an interview on Good Morning America, Vice President Joseph Biden opined that he believed that America is evolving, specifically in our attitude toward gay marriage. Of course, morality doesn’t evolve. As I’ve stated before, morality doesn’t evolve. It doesn’t even move. Like the Ten Commandments, morality is fixed. People move and right now they’re moving further away from God than they ever have before!

Pray for this Nation!

Rev Tony Breeden

A Ready Defense: Does Morality Evolve? I once read an editorial appearing in my local newspaper, The Charleston Gazette [“Culture Shift,” Feb 5, 2010, Pg 4A], that began and ended with the phrase, “American morality has evolved.” Gazette editor Jim Haught is also a senior editor for Free Inquiry, the flagship magazine of the anti-religious Center For Inquiry founded by humanist Paul Kurtz. Evolution and the autonomy of man are primary tenets of humanism, so I’m never quite surprised w … Read More

via DefendingGenesis.org

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  1. Lance Ponder says:

    You’re absolutely right. Morality does not evolve. People move.

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