Why do Darwinists bother arguing? (via DefendingGenesis.org)

Recently an Darwinist sent me the following comment [via our CreationLetter.com site]:

“I would like to invite any of you to review TalkOrigins.org in pursuit of real knowledge and understanding of the earths geological age and human, plant and animal evolution and what it really entails. Review this site before dismissing the fact of evolution as a “fairy tale”. I’m not trying to make a cut at anyone, I just think that you need to learn about the real facts and not distorted ones that creationists try to give you. I only comment because I care about people and want them to know the truth.”

Of course, TalkOrigins is hardly unbiased and the commenter commits the fallacy of reification [facts don’t speak for themselves; they have to be interpreted and they are usually interpreted according to our presuppositions], but I couldn’t help but sigh at his final comment:

“I only comment because I care about people and I want them to know the truth.”

The amazing thing is that he fails to realize that without a Biblical worldview it makes no sense to care what evolved pondscum thinks or even should think. Why bother to argue at all if evolution is true? If Darwin was right, then what difference will anything we say or do or believe make a million years from now when humanity has replaced by something entirely different?

In any case, it reminded me of a post I made some time ago, which addresses this peculiar question of why Darwinist bother arguing for their position….

-Rev Tony Breeden

Why do Darwinists bother arguing? This piece is pasted from the conclusion of an earlier post. In researching my current project, i re-discovered it and thought you might find it interesting in redux. – Sirius Knott So to what purpose do Darwinists argue? Is it because they feel the need to shake innocent children out of their belief in Elfland, Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the benevolence of governments, the Earth as cradle, the risen Christ? Do they, in other words, see it al … Read More

via DefendingGenesis.org


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  1. Lance Ponder says:

    You make a very good point. I’ve been having a similar and equally frustrating conversation with some evolutionists on another blog. **sigh**

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