An Update on the Atheist Protest at the I Am Not Ashamed Conference in Charleston, WV (Sat Nov 6th)

The Atheist Protest in Full Swing!

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Now that the I Am Not Ashamed Conference is over, I wanted to give you a quick update regarding the threatened atheist protest I mentioned in my last post, Cloudy With a Chance of Atheists.

You recall that their plan was to meet in front of the Charleston Municipal Auditorium to protest the I Am Not Ashamed Conference being hosted by Answers in Genesis – unless of course the weather was bad (they’re not going to suffer for their convictions, after all) or it looked like only a few of them would be showing up (because that would just look pathetic). Apparently, one of those two preconditions (possibly both) prevented them from making an appearance at the event. I can only presume that they retired to a local coffee shop to bravely compare science textbooks with a sympathetic audience (an image that brings a smile to my lips every time I picture it), as planned in the event of deciding not to protest after all, because Ken Ham posted the following updates on his Facebook page earlier today:

“In WV for AiG conference and atheists have threatened a demonstration out front.”

“They supposedly would gather at 11 am—disappointing they weren’t there for my presentation at 9am (I guess they need to sleep in). However, it was a cold morning and must have dampened the atheists enthusiasm, as we have not seen them yet.”

And a little later:

“‎12 pm and still looking for the atheists; Todd Friel is speaking right now.”

Finally, Mr Ham posted the following with a link to the picture above:

“The latest on the Atheist Demonstration; here is a photograph of the demonstration.”

It appears the threatened forecast of Cloudy with a Chance of Atheists was disappointed. I do hope the atheists enjoyed their latte and their no-doubt scintillating and self-affirming discussion of various textbooks.

-Rev Tony Breeden


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