Cloudy with a Chance of Atheists – The I Am Not Ashamed Conference comes to Charleston, WV [Sat Nov 7th]

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Answers in Genesis is finally coming to my hometown… and I’m gonna miss it! Grrrr!!

You wanna know what really gets me? I was searching the Web earlier (not much else to do when you’re laid up) and I discovered that atheists right here in West Virginia are planning to protest the event. Under the banner of Quality Science Education in WV, they’ll be protesting “on behalf of the pseudo-science of “scientific creationism” [which] should not be allowed to infiltrate our public education institutions.” Nevermind that Answers in Genesis is on record stating:

“In fact, we don’t believe legislators should require Bible-based, young-earth creationism as part of public school curricula; what we want is honest, open discussion about the origins controversy and the problems in evolutionary theory.If biblical creation were instituted as part of public school science curricula, some evolutionist teachers may not teach it accurately, and that’s not what we or Christian parents would want, either. But we do want the defects of Darwinism taught, along with scientific alternatives. We also believe it would be better for students’ critical thinking skills if they were taught to separate the unprovable, religious elements of Darwinism (e.g., the natural origin of life on earth, for which there’s virtually no evidence) from observable science, like natural selection (which is explained and utilized as well in the creation model as it is by Darwinism).

None of these steps require explicit biblical teaching, nor would they require teachers to bring up the creation myths of Native Americans, Buddhists, or other groups (except perhaps to point out widespread cultural beliefs in creation, flood legends, etc.).”

Sounds our friendly neighborhood atheists are on another misinformation campaign. Their trying to frame this as an Establishment Clause issue, using fear tactics to try drum up support against creationism.

Wile E Coyote, A Metaphor for Atheism

Lest you worry for your safety, I must soberly inform you that these atheists mean you no harm. Their stated plan is to stand mutely outside the Charleston Municipal Auditorium with signs, unless it looks like there won’t be enough of them coming (they don’t want to look like idiots with a low turnout after all) or unless it rains (’cause these are diehard WV atheists, mind you, and they’re not bringing parkas to this thing). If either of the latter two circumstances hinder them, they plan to retire to a local coffee shop with their science and biology textbooks. (Sadly, I’m not making any of this up!) Being an atheist in West Virginia has just got to be tough.

Pesky atheists or not, the event promises to be awesome (*sniff*). 

It looks like Dr. David Menton won’t be able to make the event (last minute cancellation. I pray he’s OK), which is really too bad. Dr. Menton is truly one of the most entertaining Creation  speakers imaginable. He makes you laugh and he makes you think. What more could you ask for, really? Except perhaps a miracle healing on my behalf, right?  

But you will hear the inimitable Ken Ham (CEO of Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum and author of more books than I can currently count, including the ground-breaking Already Gone: Why Your Kids Will Quit Church and What You Can Do About It), Dr. Georgia Purdom (one of the most remarkable and learned speakers I’ve had the honor of hearing. I wonder what she’ll be speaking on? Honestly, her talks on microbiology should be worth a college credit) and Todd Friel (Wretched Radio. Need I say more?). And possibly the wind passing through the signboards of a band of stalwart WV atheists.

Below is the schedule and additional information for the event. You can download a flier with event schedule here: Poster_Charleston_IAmNotAshamed

Basically, you should go. Because I can’t. No guilt. Just saying.

-Rev Tony Breeden, aka Sirius Knott


(Suggested ages 11 and up)9:00 AM Ken Ham—Not Ashamed: Standing on Biblical Authority Beginnning with Genesis

10:20 AM Dr. Georgia Purdom—TBA

11:20 AM Todd Friel—Ending the Wobbles
1:30 PM Ken Ham—Not Ashamed: Answers for the Most Asked Questions about Creation, Evolution, and Genesis


Nov 6 @ Municipal Auditorium

200 Civic Center Drive / Charleston, WV 25301



Tickets available at the Civic Center Box Office or online at

2:50 PM Dr. Georgia Purdom—TBA



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