Are Christians Too Nice? (via

One wonders if Christians have become altogether too respectable, too domesticated, too safe.

One wonders at Christians who warn us to speak the truth in love and use that as an excuse not to speak the truth at all. Why? Because we know the truth is a message of rebuke and a call to repentance…. but how can love remain silent?

One wonders, with Spurgeon:

“Yet, surely, there must be some who will fling aside the dastard love of peace, and speak out for our Lord, and for his truth. A craven spirit is upon many, and their tongues are paralyzed. Oh, for an outburst of true faith and holy zeal!”

Where are the old Calebs, the faithful Gideons, the young Davids and Josiahs, the brash Luthers? Would our Mount Carmel be bare of a man of God in the face of an army of Baal worshippers? Would our burning bush go unanswered? Would giants still mock the armies of God? Would altars of compromise still stand in our high places? Would Jericho walls stand defiant before us? Would the Wittenberg Door remain bare?

Lord, be jealous for your Name! Here am I, Lord! Send me!

Will you follow me as I follow Christ, and Christ alone?

Rev Tony Breeden

Are Christians Too Nice? I'm serious. Christians are called to be like Christ Jesus, to walk in His steps. I wonder if we're not imitating the Gentle Shepherds and Caucasian Jesus portraits we're all familiar with rather than the Jesus of the Bible. The Jesus we're taught about in Sunday School doesn't have much in common with the one revealed in Scripture. I wonder if he'd even be allowed into our churches! Let me give the obvious example: Jesus and the Money-Changers. … Read More



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  1. radar says:

    We need to stand up and fight every attempt to deny even one word of Genesis. If the Bible is not inerrant, if Adam and Eve were not real, if there was no original sin then no need for Christ and every word of the Bible is a myth.

    But Darwinism is preposterous, hilariously and ridiculously inane. There is no need to try to cram it into the history of mankind.

  2. Do you understand what evolution is?

    1. Thank you for asking. Yes, as a matter of fact I do understand what evolution is. You may review the definition I most commonly use on our Terms Used On This Site page:

      “The unobserved vertical (phyletic) microbes to man changes that Darwin speculated occurred, whereby all organisms allegedly share a common ancestor. Darbots often assume that microevolutionary processes are sufficient to account for macroevolution, but mac-evo actually requires an increase in existing information as opposed to a change within existing information to change one kind [baramin] of animal into another.”

      I should mention that your comment is off-topic to this particular post. Please familiarize yourself with this site’s Terms of Engagement
      Thank you,
      Rev Tony Breeden
      aka Sirius Knott

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