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Our newest ministry campaign gets underway!

In the wake of Creation Sunday 2010, I got this crazy wonderful idea. What if we could get churches to nail the first eleven chapters of Genesis to their front doors the way Martin Luther nailed the 95 Theses to the doors of Castle Church? Would it start a New Reformation, a call back to Biblical authority? back to sola Scriptura rather than Scriptura sub scientia? As exciting as the idea was, I simply didn't have time to dedicate anything to it. … Read More

via Operation: Wittenberg

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  1. Buddy Helms says:

    I like your idea, Tony. Nailing the first eleven chapters of Genesis to church doors sounds like a good start to get people’s attention, but it can’t stop there. It is very symbolic and certainly makes a statement, but ultimately the the people who make up the body of Christ need to decide, “Here I stand. I can do no other.” The church is divided over this issue. Many churches celebrate evolution Sunday, and some even celebrate Darwin’s birthday. Many Christian universities and seminaries have sold out to the evolution myth and have embraced the day/age theory or the gap theory. Touching hearts and minds is a monumental task, but with the God who spoke everything into existence, nothing is impossible.

    1. You’re preaching to the choir, Buddy!

      Operation: Wittenberg is one of several awareness campaigns this ministry has initiated to get people’s attention.

    2. is the Biblical Creationist answer to atheist Dr Michael Zimmerman’s pro-evolution Clergy Letter Project. The Clergy Letter Project, which now boasts the signatures of nearly 12,700 Christian clergy, affirms evolution as truth but claims that the first eleven chapters of Genesis are mere “teaching stories,” rather like Aesop’s fables. The United Methodist Church has gone so far as to officially endorse this pernicious document! gives Bible-affirming Christians (though, obviously, we especially seek clergy signatures) the chance to sign an opposing letter affirming the historical veracity of Genesis.
    3. Our Creation Sunday campaign, launched in response to Zimmerman’s Evolution Sundays, urges churches to celebrate a

    4. Creation Sunday on the weekend nearest Darwin’s birthday rather than an Evolution Sunday. We have lots of ideas and suggestons on how to celebrate a Creation Sunday and are always looking for more.
    5. The Summer of Creation campaign, originally launched in response to the so-called Year of Darwin, was intended to blunt the influence of the barrage of evolutionary propaganda that coincided with the joint 150 year anniversary of the publication of Origins and 200 yar anniversary of Darwin’s birthday. We continued that campaign, encouraging churches and Christians to use the summer months where kids are not actively being fed uncritical evolutionary propaganda by public schools to expose youth to the Biblical truth of our origins.
    6. We’re saddened by the compromise of denominations (such as the Assemblies of God’s recent change of position on Genesis) and their seminaries, and we full well realize that 70 clergy signatures versus 12, 672 clergy signatures doesn’t impress most people, but I am agreed that nothing is impossible with God! A shepherd boy named David taught us that small stones may well give us access to a giant’s sword.

      I personally believe that Ken Ham’s eye-opening new book, Already Gone: Why Your Kids Will Quit Church & What You Can Do About It, is the first stroke of that hammer of a potential New Reformation (the Biblicist Reformation?). God is pounding on the door of our hearts, we who are the temple of the Holy Ghost, and issuing a challenge to rescue this next generation from the harrowing trend of youth apostasy. I firmly believe He’s calling us back to sola Scriptura and to teaching our churches presuppositional apologetics, so they know what they ought to believe, why they ought to believe it, how to articulate it and how to defend it. What the church needs now are Calebs, Gideons, Davids and those who will say with Paul, “Follow me as I follow Christ.” Now is the time to be bold and use great plainness of speech.

      God bless you, Buddy! We hope we can count on your support!
      Rev Tony Breeden

  • Some Protestants have the notion that Catholics do not “believe” in the Bible, so they bring up Second Timothy 3:15-16 to support their belief of Sola Scriptura:“… from childhood you have been acquainted with the sacred writings which are able to instruct you for salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. All scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness.”

    Certainly Catholics believe in the Bible (Catholics put together the Bible!) but this verse does not really support the belief of Sola Scriptura; it does not say that scripture alone is an adequate guide to the faith For that matter, the whole Bible does not say that we should believe in the Bible alone, nor does it say which books are inspired by God. This is only one hole in the belief of Sola Scriptura; there are many more.

    Note: Michael Gormley is in the habit of posting this to other sites, usually off-topic:

    1. Mr Gormley,

      Thank you for your comments. They’re a bit off-topic, but I shall respond nonetheless.

      I should first note that you’ve set up a straw man argument. I don’t know any Potestants that believe that Catholics don’t believe their Bibles; to the contrary, the issue most Protestants and Catholics differ upon is that Catholics believe that the teaching of the church (and the pope in particular) are equal to the authority of Scripture. This would appear to be a violation of the Scriptural command not to add [or take away] from Scripture.

      As for 2 Timothy 3:15-16, what difference does it make whether this particular verse supports Sola Scriptura or not? Your thesis is irrelevant to the point.

      Now I understand that as a good Catholic, you feel the need to come over to this site [and, as a quick Google search reveals, other Protestants sites besides] and attempt to start a fight with an off-topic comment. I know better Catholics who wouldn’t bother with such a pointless exercise! The post is not anti-Catholic in any way. Operation: Wittenberg is a Protestant initiative aimed at Protestant churches who affirm Biblical Creationism. [I am of course aware that your popes no longer hold to the traditional interpretation of Genesis but have in effect abdicated their authority to the consensus of a modern scientific establishment that is largely antagonistic toward the Christian God in matters where science declares its magisterium, but I pray fervently with all devout Catholics that this deplorable state of affairs will be reversed and the Catholic Church will return to the traditional interpretation of Scripture.]

      I pray you find better uses for your time, sir, for that is what the Scripture commands when it warns us to redeem the time.


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