Defending Genesis Newsletter – Summer 2010 edition

Our Newsletter has changed to a PDF format. Follow the link below to read our current newsletter:

In this Issue:

  • Redeeming the Time… – Now more than ever, as disciples of Christ need we need to make the most of every opportunity!
  • Bringing Noah to Life – A look at an awesome Noah’s Ark VBS program I was a part of. They basically recreated the Ark inside their church! Check out some of the photos from this amazing event.
  • Out of this World – A look back at the 2010 Creation Space Camp

Plus, what’s going on On the Web with our ministries, Prayer Needs and a new edition of A Ready Defense. Are Evolutionists Card Cheats? answers the myth of unbiased science and explore why observable horizontal change within created kinds cannot produce the vertical [phyletic] microbes-to-man change that evolutionists claim occured.

Next Issue: Introducing the Evanjugglist and a look back at the 2010 WV Creation Conference

In Christ the Creator,
Rev. Tony Breeden


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