Update: Gearing up for the WV Creation Conference [Aug 6 & 7]

It’s hard to believe that the Kanawha Creation Science Group’s 8th annual West Virginia Creation Conference is only 10 days away! is very excited about the 2010 Conference and we wanted to let you know what you cazn expect this year!

The 2010 WVCC will take place on Friday & Saturday, August 6th and 7th at Rock Branch Independent Church [Nitro, WV]. This 2-day event is divided into 3 sessions: Friday Evening, Saturday Morning & Staurday Afternoon. The Kids Korner, a Children’s program for ages 6-11 will also take place during all sessions.

On Friday evening, you’ll get to hear from the KCSG President Daniel Hoskins and myself. Daniel will be speaking on Creation Science: What It Is & Why It Matters. A lot of folks simply see Genesis as a side issue. They fail to see that Genesis is the foundational basis of the Gospel itself! Afterward, I’ll be speaking on How We Got Here & Why It Matters, a basic overview of the Creation/Evolution debate, showing how Creation is a better fit for the universe we observe.

After our two Friday Night presentations end, we’ll have a live Question & Answer Panel, featuring Daniel, myself and KCSG speaker, Hamilton Duncan. Bring your questions because the Bible has answers!

Our Saturday Morning Session will feature Daniel Hoskins teaching on Satan’s Lie, which explores how Satan uses the same tactics throughout history to get Christians to doubt God’s Word. Rev Robbie Parsons of Genesis Defense Ministries will then give us Six Reasons for Six Days, refuting the lies of Old Earth Creationism and other compromises with plain Biblical revelation. I’ll follow that up with Textbook Lies, a presentation exploring the “evidences” for evolution from public school textbooks and how to refute them.

Our Saturday Afternoon session features Rev Robbie Parsons and Hamilton Duncan. Robbie will give the presentation God on Modern Science, showing how the Bible [while not a science textbook] is supernaturally accurate when it speaks on scientific subjects. Hamilton will speak on the Flood and geology in “Shake to Make” Duplicating the Geologic Record.

We’ve added a bonus presentation to end the WVCC, a DVD presentation of Already Gone: Why Your Kids Will Quit Church & What You Can Do About It, based of the book by the same name by Ken Ham & Britt Beemer. This presentation is based on a study of 1000 young adults who’d left conservative churches. It shows why they left and what we can do to stop it!

More information about the WVCC, including our speaker schedule and the Kids Korner program, is available at

You may also want to help spread the word by putting this bulletin insert into this Sunday [August 1st] service’ bulletin or program:


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