Why Darwinists Argue (via DefendingGenesis.org)

This post was written back in 2007, one of the earliest Creationist pieces written for this site, while I was blogging as Sirius Knott.

It explores a rather simple question: Why do Darwinists argue at all? I think in the end you’ll agree that we Creationists have far better reason to argue for our worldview than the evolutionists do.

This post has been merged into Darwin's Dyke, posts that explore the weaknesses of Darwinism. Generally speaking, anyone who comes out of an argument with me and is still unconvinced of my position just wasn’t listening. Maybe it’s because they were too busy already planning out their rebuttal, trying to shout me down or patting themselves on the back about how witty and/or right they suppose they are. In most cases, mere mockery has replaced wit … Read More

via DefendingGenesis.org


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