Is Creationism a Side Issue? (via

This article from our Creation Apologetics Resources section at explores 4 important reasons why Creationism is not a side issue:

1. A literal 6-day Creation is the plain meaning of Scripture.
2. Evolution and Creationism are contradictory to one another.
3. Evolution undermines the foundational basis of the Gospel.
4. The fruit of evolution is demonstrated trend of falling away from the faith.

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Rev Tony Breeden

Even amongst Bible-believing Christians, not everyone embraces Biblical Creationism and Catastrophism, even though the plain meaning of the Bible expressly teaches a literal 6-day Creation and a world-wide flood.  There are a variety of reasons given for rejecting the plain meaning of Scripture in favor of views that accomodate long ages. Some bow before the consensus of uniformitarianism. We shall address the flaws of gradualism or uniformitaria … Read More



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  1. Dale Stuckwish says:

    Tony, Christian greetings from Dale Stuckwish (Author of Biblical Cryptozoology: Revealed Cryptids of the Bible). I am a Biblical Creationist that believes also 100 % what the Word of God says in Genesis that Creation was completed in six 24-hour days. I also believe that the flood in Noah’s time was a world-wide flood. I just published a book called, “DAYS OF GENESIS” that defends the literal interpretation of the book of Genesis. Check it out on when you get a chance. Thank you! Truly in Christ, Dale Stuckwish Colossians 3:16-17

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