Who Leads You? by Buddy Dempsey [Guest Post]

Fellow Creationist Buddy Dempsey has a daily email devotional called Daily Bread Crumbs of Encouragement. His April 21st submission was a real blessing to me and I asked him if I could share it with you here as well. I encourage each of you to sign up for this email devotion! You can also visit his website at http://DempseyMinistries.com.

-Rev Tony Breeden

“And when he putteth forth his own sheep, he goeth before them, and the sheep follow him: for they know his voice. And a stranger will they not follow, but will flee from him: for they know not the voice of strangers.”-John 10:4-5


April 21, 2010 — Who Leads You? by Buddy Dempsey

Today I learned that a federal judge in Minnesota declared our National Day of Prayer unconstitutional. At first I was outraged. I felt like the legal system in our country had betrayed the people that wrote our constitution, as well as we who believe in God. Most people today are not taught how each of the men who signed had actually gotten their educations in Bible College. There is more about that subject but that is for another time.

Today I ask the question of you that God asked of me in the moment of my self-pity for the church. Do you really need a proclamation to do something that God has commanded already? The one we look to is the one who leads us. I don’t know how that makes you feel but it makes me ashamed. We have the one true God as our leader. He is our inspiration. Looking to man for leadership will always lead to disappointment. Man will always fail without our Leader. Jesus will never fail us. When I have no job, Jesus pay’s my bill. When I have no insurance I have His assurance. When my government says that I can’t have a Day of Prayer, Jesus says lets talk about it. I will look to Jesus for leadership. Why should we need anyone else. Now as to that legal issue, the ruling says that National Day Of Prayer equals a government imposed religion. It also says that the government cannot interfere with an individuals right to pray. What Satan meant for evil God can use for good. What stops us from calling a prayer meeting every first Thursday in May? What would keep us from inviting our local government officials to that prayer meeting as individuals? It is something to think about and it is what our Leader asks of us anyway.

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