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Christianity has not been tried and found wanting. It has been found difficult and left untried!”-G. K. Chesterton Creation Sunday 2010 RecapCalendarOn the Web

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A Ready Defense:

Does Morality Evolve”

Creation Sunday 2010 Recap

Creation Sunday 2010 was held on February 14th by many churches across USAmerica and around the world. We stepped up promotion of this event this year, issuing a press release that resulted in several radio guest spots and lots of buzz on the Internet concerning Creation Sunday and our ministry outreach. We were featured twice on Around the World with Ken Ham on the Answers in Genesis website[ “Creation Sunday – February 14” [posted Jan 27th] & “Active In Creation Evangelism” [posted Feb 7th]. We’ve attached a copy of the press release with this newsletter [bottom of post].

All of this media attention generated more signatures for, particularly Clergy for Creation, and more importantly a chance to tell others about the importance of standing behind the historical veracity of a literal Genesis. The most significant thing I’ve learned over the past few weeks is that most Christians either don’t know there are churches preaching Darwin from our pulpits or they simply don’t understand how Genesis is foundational to the Gospel. We need to get this message out more than ever. I’m not the only one who feels that the USAmerican Church needs a New Reformation, that she’s slipped away from Biblical Authority [what the Reformers called Sola Scriptura]. We’ve turned away from the truth of God’s Word to fables, heaping to ourselves teachers who will tell us what we want to hear. We need to repair the damage done to the authority of God’s revealed Word by compromise in the pulpit and the Sunday School lectern.

Of course, this year’s official Creation Sunday date is past, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate a Creation Sunday any time throughout the year. In fact, we hope you’ll join us in this year’s up-coming Summer of Creation campaign, where we’ll urge churches to promote Creation through things like Creation Sundays, VBS programs and visits to a local Creation museum. Our special focus during the Summer of Creation is our youth. Churches typically focus on youth during this time of year through VBS, camp ministries and summer youth activities. All year long, public school students are given a one-sided argument for evolution. The sad truth is that kids who are taught evolution as scientific truth largely go on to reject religious truth wholesale. The Summer of Creation is the perfect opportunity to give them the other side of the story and to introduce them to Christ the Creator!


April 1, 2010 Thursday @ 7pm – South Charleston Public Library [South Charleston, WV]
I’ll be speaking at the April meeting of the Kanawha Creation Science Group. This is a special April Fool’s Day presentation for the atheists.


On the Web


Our official Facebook Fan page continues to grow. This fan page features the latest information on, upcoming speaking engagements and our latest projects, like Creation Sunday & Facebook members can simply search for us by name, “,” on Facebook.

In addition to the press release, our Creation Sunday 2010 Cause on Facebook helped us to get the word out about this ministry and We’re very grateful for their prayers and support. Recently, we held a Book Giveaway as an incentive for letting others know about our latest press release. Contest winners were drawn randomly from available entries.

  • 1st place winner Rev Robbie Parsons received Refuting Compromise by Jonathan Sarfati.
  • 2nd place winner Maggie Knorr was awarded The Case for the Creator by Lee Strobel.
  • 3rd place winner Shavawn Collier won The Lie: Evolution by Ken Ham.

Congratulations to all of our contest winners! We hope you’ll be a part of our next giveaway!


Two of the radio interviews our press release generated are available as podcasts at I was interviewed on ‘The Matter at Hand’ with Larry Weidman [ – Central PA] and on LIFE!LINE with Craig Roberts [ – San Francisco, CA]. Both interviews took place on Thursday, February 4th. Look for more podcasts in the future!

Prayer Needs

We certainly appreciate your prayers for wisdom, discernment and continued opportunities. Please also be in prayer about the following:
  • We’re in the final editing stage for our up-coming science fiction novel, Johnny Came Home.
  • Guidance as we officially incorporate as a tax-exempt non-profit ministry


A Ready Defense: Does Morality Evolve?

Recently, an editorial appeared in my local newspaper, The Charleston Gazette [“Culture Shift,” Feb 5, 2010, Pg 4A], that began and ended with the phrase, “American morality has evolved.” Gazette editor Jim Haught is also a senior editor for Free Inquiry, the flagship magazine of the anti-religious Center For Inquiry founded by humanist Paul Kurtz. Evolution and the autonomy of man are primary tenets of humanism, so I’m never quite surprised when Jim pushes evolutionary dogma from his paper.

Yet it got me thinking, Does morality evolve? From a Biblical standpoint, the answer is a resounding NO.

Morality does not evolve. Morality is derived from conscience, what the Bible calls “God’s law written on our hearts” [Romans 2]. The existence of Universal Moral Law is undeniable in the same sense God’s eternal power and Godhead are evident in nature. One may deny the existence of God or Universal Moral Law, but they don’t do so based on the evidence. We all agree that murder, theft, rape and adultery are wrong. Everyone has a sense of right and wrong, of justice and injustice, even if they ignore it. We know what we ought to do, even if we do otherwise.

Those who claim to deny the existence of Universal Moral Law do so in spite of observation. Ironically, they generally cherrypick exceptions to the Rule as if that invalidated the Rule itself. The Bible warns that we can reject God’s law and that our conscience can even become seared as with a hot iron. We also know that we are commanded to train up a child in the way he should go precisely because you can train up a child in the way he should not go! So our conscience can be ignored or even become warped by our culture, but morality itself does not change.

It’s rather like the Ten Commandments. The Ten Commandments don’t change. Moral Law does not change either. It does not even move. People move. People either draw near or move away from the will of God.


Humanists believe that there is no God, that we evolved to our present state and that we made up religion, civil law, God and morality to assert control over other humans, to create order in society, that sort of thing. In doing so, they beg the question as to whether God actually exists and they ignore the fact civil law is based on moral law, not the other way round. They never stop to ask themselves, if moral law is the result of evolutionary processes, why do men generally find the social implications of Darwinism [survival of the fittest, elimination of the weak, etc] so orally repugnant? Why didn’t our morality evolve in a way shaped by ‘evolutionary reality?’ They instead profess the autonomy of man, the belief that man has only himself to help him, that man sets the rules. This is diametrically opposed to the Biblical position that God sets the rules and that God is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him.

In short, to say that morality evolves is to say that morality changes with the whims and perceptions of man instead of being established by the Will and Word of a Creator God.

On a final note, God didn’t leave the knowledge of His Moral Law to our conscience any more than He left our knowledge of His character and identity to nature. We live in a Fallen world, where nature has been so warped and changed by the affects of Adam’s Curse and the Noachim Flood that Divine revelation becomes necessary in order to realize earth’s true history. It also true that if we only had nature to go on, we might see God as an Ogre as we observe the suffering death, carnivory and disease that presently characterizes the natural world, but did not exist initially in His perfect Creation. The Bible gives us the missing pieces of the puzzle so we can see the truth of the matter. Likewise, since our conscience can be ignored or warped by society and our fallen nature, God didn’t leave Moral Law to chance either: He gave us the Bible so that we might know His commandments and abide in them.

Thank God for the blessing and veracity of His revealed Word!

A Ready Defense is a new feature of our monthly Newsletter. Each month, we’ll take a brief look at the contemporary issues that touch on Genesis and the Gospel and how the Biblical Creationist can respond.

Thank you for making Creation Sunday 2010 a big success!

In Christ the Creator,

*Rev Tony Breeden

Press Release

Ministry Urges Churches to Celebrate Creation Sunday, Not Evolution Sunday

Contact: Rev Tony Breeden,, 304-993-4792, 

CHARLESTON, WV, Jan. 26 /Christian Newswire/ — is urging churches to celebrate Creation Sunday this February 14th to counter the Clergy Letter Project’s Evolution Sunday, scheduled on the same date.

As the Year of Darwin comes to a close and we enter the Post-Darwin Century, is renewing its efforts to answer the challenge the Clergy Letter Project represents to the plain, traditional interpretation of Genesis.

Since 2004, the Clergy Letter Project has been recruiting ministers as evolution advocates, promoting the idea that “religious truth is of a different order than scientific truth,” echoing an unBiblical notion popularized by the late Stephen J Gould: non-overlapping magisteria, or NOMA.

“Jesus refuted the concept of NOMA in John 3:12,” notes founder Rev. Tony Breeden, “when He pointedly asked Nicodemus, ‘If I’ve told you of earthly things and ye believe not, how shall ye believe if I tell ye of spiritual things?’ How can you trust the Bible for spiritual things like the Gospel for salvation when you can’t trust what Genesis says about earthly things like biology, geology and so on? The Bible isn’t a science textbook, but if we can’t trust it when it speaks on science, when can we trust it?”

Nevertheless, the Clergy Letter has a list of over 12,000 ministers who affirm that evolution is true while the Genesis record is a teaching myth like Aesop’s Fables.

“We don’t follow cleverly devised fables. The plain meaning of Genesis is clear: supernatural creation in six calendar days. It’s sad when ministers compromise the authority of God’s revealed Word in favor of man’s fallible opinions. So-called science advocacy [read: evolution enforcement] groups use those 12,000 clergy signatures to allege that Christians need have no problem with evolution. Yet statistics demonstrate that most children who are taught evolution as scientific fact go on to reject religious truth wholesale,” states Rev. Breeden. “That’s a real concern. Nobody thinks of eternity when they preach Darwin from our pulpits on an Evolution Sunday.” provides an opportunity for Christians to answer this challenge to Biblical authority and the foundational basis of the Gospel. Visitors can sign a Creation Letter affirming the historical veracity of a literal Genesis. They’ll also find information on how to celebrate Creation Sunday this February 14th in place of the Clergy Letter’s Evolution Sunday. is a ministry of




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