The Evolving post-darwin Evolution 2: Climbing Mount Absurdity, or Why Darwinism Must Evolve Again or Perish

They insist that evolution is supported by a mountain of evidence from all fields of science. But it’s not a mountain; it’s a rather precarious house of cards. Admittedly, it’s an impressive looking house of cards. They’ve rather artfully stacked the evidence to give the impression of overwhelming support and stability, but no matter how they stack it, it’s made of thin and flimsy stuff. There is still essentially zero definitive evidence for their lynchpin claim: the common descent with modification of all life forms on earth from a single ancestor.

Defending Genesis Newsletter – January 2010 Web Edition

    In This Issue WV Creation Science Fair Cancelled Due to circumstances beyond our control, the WV Creation Science Fair has been cancelled. This event had been scheduled to occur on February 27, 2010 at the Activities Building of Rock Branch Independent Church [Nitro, WV]. WV Science Fair CancelledCreation Sunday 2010 Calendar On the… – 2009 in Review and a Bit More

Evolutionists have dubbed 2009 as the Year of Darwin and have tripped over themselves all year to heap accolades on the late Charles Darwin, but I’d like to take time to look back on what God was wrought, through this ministry alone…