Defending Genesis Newsletter – October ’09 Web Edition

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My apologies to those who anticipated the September newsletter. I’ve honestly been so bogged down that I neglected to draft it. If the only thing I have to complain about is how many opportunities and activity God is sending this ministry, then I’m truly blessed!

What Others Are Saying About Us

Recently, I had the opportunity to present what is doing to the West Virginia state convention of the Association of Fundamental Ministers & Churches, of which I am a proud member. It’s always good to fellowship with like-minded ministers of different denominational backgrounds. These guys are awesome!

I’d had the chance to speak at a local AFMC West Virginia northern district meeting back in January. The AFMC’s official publication, Fundamental News, reported:

“The Reverend Breeden brought the message from John 3:12, preaching “Creation vs Evolution.” He shared the scriptures that prove creation and debunk evolution. He encouraged all churches to recognize Feb 15. as Creation Sunday, to counter the churches who have fallen into the trap of having Evolution Sunday. He passed out brochures to help us understand God’s plan for creation. To add your signature to the Creation Letter, visit the website The site also informs churches about the opportunity of promoting a Summer of Creation initiative, creation conferences and trips to Creation museums. This will be a good resource to help churches equip themselves to combat the lie of evolution and defend biblical creation.”

I also ran across a blog post yesterday from August 3, 2009, Standing Firm on the OneTruth site that mentioned my efforts to spread the word about and during Creation Collge 3: Continue reading