Do You Have to Affirm a Literal 6-Day Creation and a Global Flood to Be a Christian?

I’ve been having rounds with atheistic evolutionists and Old Earth Creationists alike lately, so I thought I’d bury this issue briefly and concisely.

Romans 10:9 says, “If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.” Period. No mention of a young earth. No mention of Noah or the Ark and the extent of the flood.

Granted, other passages put a few qualifications on this minimum criteria for salvation [you can’t say you love God and yet hate your brother, and you can’t deny that Christ came in the flesh, for example. And no fair making up a Jesus all your own. There’s only One and He alone is the lone means of salvation], but even in the minimum implied theological knowledge required in the salvation transaction [as it were] there’s no way one could insist that a particular Christian was not a Christian simply because that Christian did not believe his entire Bible.

It is sad when fellow brothers and sisters in Christ purposely undermine the historical reliability and veracity of God’s revealed Word simply because, for the present, it contradicts the word of finite men who don’t know it all [and never will] and whose minds are at emnity with God – so long as they call it science.

Sad enough that they themselves embrace this sort of willful error where they call God’s Word into question without batting an eye and make pretense that His Word must be calibrated against 21st Century science, despite the affirmations of a young earth and a global Noachim flood from Jesus Himself and the Apostles. They also lead others into this error, calling Truth folly and error truth – again, so long as they call it science. By doing so, they undermine the authority of Scripture and open the door for all sorts of erroneous interpretation. Many reject Christianity wholesale. Others simply pick and choose what they will believe.

Their rejection of the historical reliability of Genesis 1-12 is the Wedge that tears down the religion that they so dearly love! What folly!

Yet there is hope! Eleven years ago, the woman who became my wife asked me, “What about evolution?” I replied, “Well, I suppose that God could have used evolution.” But God directed my studies, convicted my heart and impressed and affirmed the reliability of His revealed Word upon me until, slowly but surely, I came to realize that He meant what He said. He created everything by fiat in six solar days.

I pray that those who disagree with me on this issue will allow the Holy Spirit to guide them likewise into all truth.

-Sirius Knott

Why the Need for Interpretation Does NOT Prove a Religion False

A few blog posts I’ve come across contend that the very fact that the Bible [or any other text that claims to be of Divine origin] needs to be translated automatically invalidates its claims to Divine origin.

One fellow even came up with a set of 3 Laws to determine whether a text were of Divine origin or not. Of course, upon further inspection it became obvious that he simply wasn’t accounting for free will. I commented on his site in the hopes that he’d see his error.

For example, in a post entitled, Requiring Interpretation Proves A Religion False by Sisyphus Fragment, the blogger notes that:

“The Bible, Koran, Torah, Book of Mormon, and several others can be interpreted in such a way that thousands of sects have branched out from them. This fact, to me, is a perfect example for why these weren’t written or inspired by the creator of all things.”

So because people get things wrong [willfully or otherwise], God must not have wrote it, right? But is that the way things really are in the real world? If someone misinterprets something I write, does that mean that what I wrote wasn’t true – or that I didn’t write it at all?? No. The comprehension of the text has nothing – and I do mean NOTHING – to do with authorship.

So then he sets up the premise of the straw man he’s about to thatch:

“This is the major problem with false religions in general. If a god has really inspired their book then he would have inspired them to write it in such a way that it would be true for all people and ages.” [strikethrough mine for weasel words]

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