Defending Genesis Newsletter – August ’09 Web Edition

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A lot has been going on here with this ministry! God has simply opened up doors of opportunity and I pray that we will be similarly overwhelmed with blessings in the future.

As I mentioned back in July, we’ve officially changed the name and general focus of this newsletter. Originally, we simply wanted to provide an answer to the challenge that Dr Zimmerman’s pro-evolution Clergy Letter Project poses to Bible-believing Christians. Eugenie Scott has infamously noted that evolutionists have found that one clergymen with a backwards collar on their side is worth two scientists any day. To date, nearly 12,000 clergy have signed that letter affirming evolution as truth and that the first eleven chapters of Genesis are teaching stories like Aesop‘s fables; they’re only 55 signatures away from 12,000 in fact. While Scott and Zimmerman use clergy who’ve compromised on the origins issue to tell everyone that God is OK with evolution, they don’t actually believe it themselves! But they’re willing to use them as “useful idiots” to promote evolution to our kids. We didn’t like the way that this modern-day Goliath was allowed to mock the historical reliability of the Word of God with no answer in kind. So we established CreationLetter. com in the hopes of bringing like-minded Creationists together to challenge the erroneous notions of the Clergy Letter.

Since December 2008, we’ve grown a bit. We launched the Summer of Creation initiative, published a series of Creationist church bulletin inserts and launched CreationSunday. to promote the celebration of Creatioin Sunday 2010 on February 14, 2010. As we’ve grown, God has molded this ministry and given us wider horizons. Defending Genesis ministries intends to be on the forefront of the fight for the historical reliability of the Bible beginning, as Jesus put it, “from the beginning.” Our kids deserve no less than for us to get back to the Bible and to train them up to be fellow soldiers of the Cross!

The WV Creation Conference

This past week has been particularly busy for us.

We were blessed to be a part of the Kanawha Creation Science Group’s 7th annual WV Creation Conference, hosted this year by Rock Branch Independent Church in Nitro, WV. This year’s featured speakers were KCSG President Daniel Hoskins, Karl Priest the InsectMan, geologist Hamilton Duncan, Linda Hoskins and two preachers, Rev Robbie Parsons and myself. The buzz surrounding this year’s conference centered on Karl Priest’s massive insect collection [I’ll be seeing that harlequin beetle in my worst nightmares!] and the workshop sessions, which were a new feature this year. 

For my part, I held two workshops: one for adults called Creation Cryptids: Heere Be Dragones exploring the Bible’s implied claim that man and dinosaurs have co-existed, and another for the kids called Noah’s Ark: Beyond Flannelgraph. Defending Genesis also took care of the Children’s program during the regular nightly sessions. We’ve posted a few photos from the workshops and the Children’s program in the group’s Photos section.

I simply have to tell you about one priceless moment during the Children’s program: We were teaching the kids about the 6 days of Creation. The reinforcement activity involved rolling a large foam die and then telling the teacher what God created on that day. Ocassionally the kids need a hint. This one did. He needed to tell us what God created on day 4, so I said, “Come on, Sun. You can be the Star here, so stop Mooning around and just tell us: What Did God create on day 4?” His answer: “Animals?”

We didn’t get the turnout we’d hoped for at this conference, but I will tell you that it was an awesome event. Hope to see you next year if you didn’t get to attend. And if you ever have the opportunity to worship with the folks at Rock Branch Independent Church, I hope that you will. Pastor Delbert Hawley and his congregation are just tops!

Another Creation Conference in Southern WV

We also got the opportunity to give a new presentation to the congregation of Trinity Baptist Church in Buckeye, WV yesterday night as part of another 2-night conference put on by the KCSG. The presentation is called Textbook Lies: How Evolution is Stealing Our Children and it takes actual pictures and information from our children’s textbooks and exposes the falsehoods and evolutionary aaumptions they contain. I appreciate Pastor Aaron Trigg inviting us out for this event.

Ona  final note, we’re finalizing the details of a few events that will take place next year, including our first ever WV Creation Science Fair, so pray for us as we iron out all of the details.

In Christ the Creator,

Rev Tony Breeden


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