Of the Nominal Creationist – Shaking the Fences

A 2006 CBS news poll concluded that “Americans do not believe that humans evolved, and the vast majority says that even if they evolved, God guided the process. Just 13 percent say that God was not involved. … Support for evolution is more heavily concentrated among those with more education and among those who attend religious services rarely or not at all.” Likewise, a 2005 Pew Research Forum poll concluded that 2/3rds of USAmericans want Creationism taught alongside evolutionism in public schools. [If evolutionism were really backed by the ironclad weight of evidence it claims to have, they would leap at the chance to compare the two Origins theories side-by-side rather than dissembling the way they do!]

And survey after survey demonstrates that a good number of USAmericans do believe in Creationism with roughly 45% of us being Young Earth Creationists to boot.

By and large, this bears out in my day-to-day experience. I meet Christians and inevitably bring up the topic of Creationism. [It’s what I do.] I usually find that they quite agree with me about a 6-day Creation and a worldwide Noachim Flood.

But ask them to get involved further than a privately held belief and they’ll eye you sadly and shuffle off to pursue other interests! Oh, the tragedy of the nominal Creationist! Perhaps it would be better termed the closet Creationist. Whatever the label, we lament their dereliction of duty.

Yes, you read that correctly. A dereliction of duty. How can a man not act upon what he truly believes? [Incidentally, I have this same concern about Christians who profess to love Jesus but seem quite ashamed to bring Him up!]

A man who loves sports talks of nothing else. And you can always tell who’s into politics! But you have to search diligently under every rock to find the man who would speak of His Saviour… And I suppose only a true crackpot would admit to an affliction of Biblical literalism [with allowance for figures of speech]… Even so, such crackpots would at least have the decency and common sense not to advocate a literal, historical 6-day Creation and a worldwide Flood, right? What scandalous troublemakers we are to avow that men may actually believe their Bibles!

Jesus warned that if we’re ashamed of Him, He’ll be ashamed of us. And He also warned that if they did not believe Moses [traditionally, the author of Genesis] and the prophets, they would not believe even if a man rose from the dead. This same Jesus affirmed that God made us from the beginning, male and female. Furthermore, the Bible identifies Christ the Saviour also as Christ the Creator. Yes, the Gospel is important. In fact, it’s the very core of Christianity… which makes Genesis all the more important, for Genesis is the foundational basis of the Gospel, the very reason a literal Saviour died was for all who have sinned in a literal Adam. So to say Genesis is foundational to the Gospel [it explains why we need a Saviour at all!] is to say that Genesis is foundational to Christianity itself.

I digress.

We must find a way to stir up the nominal Creationist! These men and women of God privately confess their agreement with us. If we may stir them out of complacency and stiffen them out of cowardice, we would see nothing less than the next Great Awakening.

What’s at stake here?

  1. The reliability of God’s revealed Word, being falsely usurped by the opinions of men who are willfully ignorant of its truth. Have we forgotten that we ask the lost to trust the same Bible for the Gospel that we have said you can’t trust when it speaks of our origins?                                                                                                                   
  2. The souls of the next generation, for it has been statistically demonstrated that children who are taught evolution as scientific truth go on to reject religious truth wholesale. Upwards of 80% graduate simultaneously from high school and Christianity. Answers in Genesis has recently released a study of this issue in a book called Already Gone. According to their research, most of our kids have already rejected Christianity by middle school and high school. I urge you to pick up a copy of this compelling book today!

Does this not stir you? How can we not take up sword and trowel to repair this breach?

God, shake the fences and let the nominal Creationists fall to one side or the other! Let this lukewarmness end!

-Sirius Knott

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