Sirius Knott re-Opens with an Apology

There is much to do, so I will be brief.

My time has been happily occupied as of late with matters and speaking engagements pertaining to This ministry has been a long time in coming and I have been very pleased with how God has blessed it, particularly with opportunities.

Sirius Knotts & Thoughts, as this blog was originally entitled, began as a way to vent off stray ideas while I was writing a book. It transformed into something else entirely. I found I had an untapped passion for Biblical Creation Apologetics.

Unfortunately, I have come to feel that while Christians as a lot are entirely too nice when compared with the Biblical, historical Jesus, I have crossed the line from time to time. And with increasing frequency in latter months. The Bible demands meekness [though not simpering weakness] when we speak the truth and/or correct error. The Bible also commands us to confess our faults one to another.

Mine are fairly obvious. I apologize.

I do not know yet what will become of this site. I’ve been reviewing it over the last few weeks. Frankly, I’ve gotten rid of some things I felt were unnecesary.  For now, I intend to keep it up, as time allows.

 –Sirius Knott

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