Chariot House: The Kanawha Valley’s 1st Come-as-you-are Biker Church

Chariot House Biker Church
Chariot House Biker Church

Eleven members of four different Christian biker ministries [The Road Riders for Jesus, Christian Motorcyclists Association, Highways & Hedges and Bikers for Christ] are opening a bona fide Biker Church called Chariot House. Their inaugural church service will be January 11, 2009 @ 2:00PM at 1401 4th Avenue [The Corner of 4th Avenue and Florida Street], Charleston, WV. 

They intend on weekly services every Sunday after that (also at 2:00 PM).

According to spokesman Terry Thompson:

“The Lord has already opened many doors thus far & we really feel the sky is the limit as where this may go. We are striving to build a church that suites everyone’s needs. We value everyone’s input, ideas, attendance & fellowship. Hope to see you in church on 1-11, your church!!”

Services will be non-denominational /organizational & everyone is welcome!

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  1. Bonney G says:

    I was fortunate enough to attend the first service at the Chariot House Biker Church. WOW! What an awesome experience! The atmosphere there was one that made me feel at ease, elated, even loved and accepted! The presence of God is in that place, where I suspect He will remain and use the ministers and members of the Chariot House to speak to many… maybe even thousands! There I was… in my cheap jeans, $3.00 shirt, and worn out biker boots (not exactly being the “dressy” type), being reminded by the man behind the pulpit that Jesus loves me no matter how I look, that Jesus loves me unconditionally, that Jesus loves me enough to die for me… even though I ride on the back of a motorcycle behind my husband, both of us clad in T’s, helmets, and leather! I wouldn’t have it any other way… and neither would Jesus.

  2. river says:

    my ol lady was doing a google search for radical church’s that believed in the Holy ghost, and she found one in charleston, WOW…I have been with Yeshua for about 39 years filled with the holy ghost, and have all the “gifts” in operation…as a former 1% I had to give up alot, includeing my sleds, but it was for YESHUA….I haved had many spiritual experiences over the years, yet church’s woulod never except my long beard and hair, yet I studied the bible, and could hear the voice of yeshua and the father, and I have a “personal” relationship with them, my ol lady(married) had the Holy Ghost too…we will see you sometime in oct…..God has blessed us with a sled, and we are ready to ride again and lead souls to Jesus, later brothers and sisters !

  3. Stephen Douglas says:

    I was blessed with the chance to minister at Chariot House with a group called R.A.I.N. The group is mostly made up of high school kids, so we were a bit intimidated at first. But as the service got started, I felt a spirit that I have NEVER felt before or since. To see all these big tough bikers praising God, was something I’ll never forget. You all are in my prayers, and I cant wait to come back.

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