Voddie Baucham: Comments on Sarah Palin

What I’m about to say will not be popular and will definitely reveal that I am no Republican. Neither am I a Democrat.

I caught Voddie Baucham’s CNN interview [above] and I gotta say, I agree with him.

While I like Sarah Palin’s views on the majority of the issues, Biblically I have to wonder if I can vote for her. The Bible says it’s a shame when women rule us.

But Obama is a wreck.

How does a Bible-believing Christian vote this year?

–Sirius Knott

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  1. Neil says:

    D’oh! My comment vaporized.

    Voddie is terrific, but I don’t see the Ephesians 5 application here. Great to see real, live Bible verses discussed on TV.

    I loved how he nailed Obama for being so pro-abortion. And how is fearlessly proclaims the Bible.

    Vote Palin. Even if there are Biblical issues re. her role – and I don’t think there are given that this isn’t a church leadership role – then she is still the lesser of two evils by far.

  2. cindyinsd says:

    Hi, Sirius

    I think it’s our nature to major on laws. I tell my grandchild, “Stay out of the street.” He concludes that people should always stay out of streets and refuses to cross the street in circumstances where that would be fine to do. We do this with the Bible all the time.

    The letter of the law kills; it’s the Spirit of the Law that gives life. Do women still wear head coverings? That was a declaration for a certain time and a certain situation in which it was loving to wear them just as it was loving for these educationally deprived ladies not to challenge and question their men during the church meetings.

    Women today are as well or better educated than men and are capable of leading at need. God has used women in leadership in the past, so He is obviously not against it in all situations. But perhaps the “shame” is more that women are forced to lead by the abdication of their men–not that that’s the case in this situation, but it often is the case.

    Let’s see . . . a godly woman or an ungodly man. Which way does the true law of liberty and love point?

    God bless,


  3. W. Holler says:

    This is an excellent topic for discussion and something that I continue to debate in my own mind, there are several things that we need to consider when making this decision.
    First, what is the job of the Vice President, primarily to replace the President in the event of death or impeachment. Second, they serve as President of the Senate and only vote in cases of a tie. They are also charged with the official count of electoral votes during a presidential election. Lastly, they assist the President in presenting his agenda both domestically and abroad. When considering these facts the in my mind the Vice President is in no way the leader of the free world, that is the job of the President. Rather I view this as Palin serving as confidant and partner for McCain I am sure if you were to ask many of Gods chosen leaders they would tell you that they could not do what they do without the support of their wives. God has provided women with gifts that compliment the strength of man. I view the McCain/Palin ticket as a match made by God. As far as the reference to Ephesians Ch.5, I do not see the relevance. However, I will tell you from personal experience I do see some major problems in this area. Consider this if we as men were holding up our end of the deal where would our society be I lay much of the blame for the downfall of the family structure at my own feet. If I were living, as God wanted me to I would not but my wife in the position of having be the leader of our home I have spent many years outside the grace of God, refusing to accept what he was offering. Putting my family at great risk, as Christian men this is something we all need to focus on, until we fulfill the role given to us by God we are all putting our families at risk. Now many critics say well what if McCain dies then what well for me I am leaving this in the hands of God for I cannot predict what the future will bring I will not allow fear of the unknown allow me to vote for Obama as I know in my heart of hearts he is not a godly leader. I apologize for the ranting and please keep in mind this is just my opinion I consider myself to be the least of the wise yet God loves me anyway.

    -W. Holler

  4. HeartQuest says:

    For one, if Palin is going to lead spiritually, Voddie Baucham might have a point, but since she has the potential to lead politically, I don’t see his point.

    Secondly, if women can’t lead in the church based solely upon their gender, those who agree with that position must logically take women out of all leadership positions, like even with children and youth. If women are not to have authority over “a man” (singular in 2Tim 2:12, like a husband, not necessarily over the community at large) support for male-only senior pastors might be legitimate. If they do not have authority over a man because Eve was deceived first (like women may be more prone to heresy) why would we allow women to be in charge of our smallest and most vulnerable community members who can’t discern truth from error?

    Third, it seems to me that Rev. Baucham should not have women in any leadership positions in his church. I’m thinking that is not the case. I would argue that his position applied politically might mean we remove women from most any community leadership… military, police, judges, the PTA, high school teachers, college professors. I tend to see God gifting all of His children with abilities to be used in His service. Heaven forbid that women would use the excuse of gender for not “stepping out of the boat” to do what they sense God calling them to do.

    I cannot tell my daughter that although God has given you certain gifts of leadership and a passion to make a difference, you cannot do certain tasks because He did not give you the right private parts.

    Keep the Son in your eyes, Scott

  5. W. Holler says:


    I have been deep in thought over the past several days about the election and the choice that we must face. Your Vodie post was very thought provoking for me. As I am an insomniac, I often find myself awake in total silence. This was the case last night I began to read the book of Luke and through the gift of and guidance of the Holy Sprit I found some peace, so I thought I would share with you and your readers what was revealed to me and how I interpreted it. If you choose not to post I understand, as I am not sure this is direction that you want to take your blog. Considering Palin, I have struggled, as have many others with the idea of her serving as a leader. This is something I had not faced before, as Palin is the first female candidate who has inspired me. So now what well during my study of Luke I read Luke CH.6 and in verse 35 the Lord refers to Wisdom in the female tense, “But wisdom is proved right by all her children.” (Luke Ch.6:35 NIV) I then recalled reading through Proverbs where wisdom is referred to in the female tense. “For wisdom is more precious then rubies and nothing you desire can compare with her.” (Provb. 8:11 NIV) this unveiling revealed to me that there is definitely something to be said about the gift of wisdom as it relates to women. I stated in my previous post that I believe God has blessed women with special gifts that enable them to give unique perspective and support to men in especially those who lead. I then came across verses that sealed the deal, Luke Ch.8:2-3 I am going to make an attempt at paraphrasing I encourage all to read it for themselves. At this point, Jesus and the twelve are traveling spreading the good news; the verse also gives us insight that there were women on this journey as well to include Mary Magdalene and several others, the verse then goes on to say “These women were helping to support them out of their own means.” (Luke Ch.8:3 NIV) It was then clear to me that it is extremely good when women are in support of godly men especially when it comes do doing that which is important. The wisdom and gifts that Palin will bring to the Whitehouse will be of great value to our country.

    -W. Holler

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