Interracial Marriage

My position on interracial marriage is that, quite frankly, it is acceptable.

I base this stance on the authority of the Word of God. The irony, I realize is that many prejudicial preachers have attempted to use the Bible to condemn interracial marriage, but I feel that they must be reading into the Bible what they’d like it to say.

At the heart of the issue is the ugly sin of racism, which takes the form of hatred in its vilest form and respect of persons in its mildest. Jesus specifically denounced hate as murder during the Sermon on the Mount in the same way He denounced lust as adultery (Matt.5:21,22). John goes on to famously say that “If a man say, I love God, and hateth his brother, he is a liar: for he that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen? (1 John 4:20).” James also notes that he that commits respect of persons commits sin (James 2:8,9), which only stands to reason since God Himself is no respecter of persons (Acts 10:34; Rom.2:11).

To our shame, Scripture has been, by far, the most ill-used tool utilized by churchgoers to justify their racism. Most prevalent is the argument that blacks are the result of the “curse of Ham,” an idea derived from a false interpretation of Genesis 9:25, which was used to justify centuries of “the white race subjugating the black race (Washington 109).” The baseless opinion that “God marked Cain by giving him black skin after Cain killed his brother Abel (Trott 70)” is another example of racist Scripture- twisting, yet I’m compelled to agree that “the most bizarre theory offered by racists is the idea that blacks are the offspring of demons (Trott 71-72).”

As regards interracial marriage specifically, many segregationists maintain that “Miscegenation caused Israel to be judged by God (Trott 71).” This is a reference to God forbidding Israel to intermarry with the Canaanites. The issue in this case was not racial purity, but rather that God knew that if they married peoples of other faiths, they would forsake God for idol worship — which is exactly what occurred!

Another example of Scripture-twisting is this idea that when we read that God made everything after its kind that we should take this to mean that we are to maintain “racial purity.” However, this “kind” meant by this reference, as observable in nature, flatly refutes any such idea. Dogs can breed with dogs; horses can breed with horses; yet horses and dogs cannot breed with one another. Dogs are a “kind;” horses are another.

Humans, no matter their skin color, are yet another “kind.” Genesis states that God created mankind in His own image (Gen.1:27); therefore, “racism, in whatever form, tends to debase the other person. It is an affront to God, the Creator of multiple races (Keidel 28).” According to the Genesis record, we are all the genetic offspring of Adam and Eve (cf. Gen.3:20; Deut.32:8; Luke 3:38). The biblical view is of one human race, who were separated into different language groups at Babel (cf. Gen.11:1-9). It was from these separate language groups that the various cultures of the world developed. The idea of separate races (species) of humans is entirely alien to the Bible. Ken Ham explains:

“It was the evolutionary view that convinced anthropologists there were different races of humans at different levels on the evolutionary ladder. This led them to believe there were different levels of intelligence and ability. It is the Christian view that teaches there is one race (in the sense that we all came from the same two humans, and therefore there are no higher or lower evolutionary groups) and that all people are equal (Ham 87).”

God does not judge us by the color of our skin, but by the condition of our heart (1 Sam.16:7). In this respect, we are all, regardless of our race or culture, guilty before God Almighty and in need of a Savior (Rom.3:23; Gal.3:22). Christ, being our peace, has reconciled whosoever believes upon Him to God and made one body out of what was once two, Jew and Gentile (Eph.2:14,15). I find myself cynically amused, albeit saddened and disgusted, when I see Christians object to a marriage union between two loving persons of different races; nevermind that they themselves are already joined in a multi- racial union with every Christian who ever lived!

While interracial marriage may not be for everyone, it cannot be condemned on the basis of the Bible. Those interested in pursuing a bi-ethnic marriage should be counseled as to the special struggles such couples may face, but should not be prevented or discouraged from the union, excepting for reasons which one might do so for a similar couple of a shared ethnicity. As for the Christian who still harbors prejudice in his heart toward mixed marriages, we should lovingly guide them to the realization that “the color line was washed away by the Bloodline (Tenney ).”

–Sirius Knott


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  1. agaba says:

    I truely agree with you. That was so powerfull what our friends need lean that “In each of us there is a little of all of us.” – (Georg Cristoph Lichtenburg). in other wards we are one (same image) any way you look at it. I have quite exprienced almost excartly what you wrote in the blog. Its quite sad when a preacher falsely interpret the ward and passes it over to his congregation. The holy book mentions of false prophets and i think we are realizing those false prophets in morden churhes taday. We need to pass on such messages and we must teach our brothers and sisters to dream with thier eyes and minds open.

  2. Jon says:

    Thanks for the post and the positive usage of that old book chapter I wrote. Unfortunately, the book editors added — without permission — a rather waffling ending which did not coincide with my forthright support of interracial marriage. They suggested that one should be extra-cautious in marrying interracially, a stance I’ve also heard from Jim Dobson and with which I disagree. Either it is right or wrong, and if it is right be quiet about the rest… so I saw it then, and now, and remain a bit indignant that the book continues to inform anyone with that wimpy, double-speak ending which was attributed erroniously to ME! Sigh.

  3. Sirius says:

    I feel your pain. Keep the faith.

    –Sirius Knott

  4. Neil says:

    Great article! I do believe love knows no racial boundaries. It’s all about the individual. I find it divinely admirable when two people can step accross the line of color and be drawn to each other in true love. I am from Jamaica and even so am mixed, and I am very attracted to caucasian women. I find it to be one of God’s greatest gifts to us as humans to be able to cross culture and be diversified, even though one respects the fact that it’s not for everyone. I am curious as to your thoughts on an age-gap relationship with relevance to the bible, as I have researched the topic and haven’t found anything substantial. Thx…and keep up the good work!

  5. Janet Long says:

    The faulty thinking is there is more than one race of humans. There is no such thing as interracial marriage. There are interfaith or intercultural marriages which God warned against. His word explained this in I Kings 11:2 very plainly “You must not intermarry with them, BECAUSE they will surely turn your hearts after their gods.” NIV The lesson here is don’t marry someone who will turn your head, heart, life away from God, period.

  6. euandus says:

    An official in LA is refusing to do interracial marriages. I think it shows the extent of cultural diversity in the US. It is like we are an empire consisting of different nations.

    1. Sirius says:


      I’m not sure what we expect here. We teach evolution in our schools exclusively which teaches that there are human races and that we’re in competition with one another. All of the tolerance teaching on the planet cannot overcome what we teach them about people groups in the name of science. We lay the foundation for racism in our science classrooms.

      The Bible teaches a different view: one human race who separated into different people groups at Adam.

      I’ve weighed in on the matter you speak of here:

      -Sirius Knott

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