Sirius Knott: What’s in a name

I often get comments [not always of a benign nature] which speculate as to what exactly my pseudonymn refers to.

Those who disagree with me sometimes express the hope that it’s a ironic pun and that it gives away the fact that I am not serious [kNOTt Sirius or Sirius… Knott!] and I’m just playing devil’s advocate or somesuch rubbish. My first question to such doubters is: Who has time for such nonsense? Are there actually trolls out there who pretend to be someone whose viewpoint they actually oppose? Is there such a thing as a double agent blogger? Are there evolutionists posing as Creationists simply to make Creationists look good? What a great whopping waste of effort and time that would be! And what a great whopping straw man!

Anyway, to answer said charge directly, I am not being facetious. The views stated on my site are in fact mine. And I am quite serious.

To answer another query, regarding the fact that I have addressed aliens and UFOs on this blogsite while having the moniker Sirius, I hate to disappoint but I have no interest in the whole UFO nut scene. My interest in aliens and UFOs come simply from a desire to address this phenomenon from a Biblical paradigm. I am not a closet UFO freak and I did not choose the name Sirius because of any connection with said freak kingdom.

To be more specific, I chose the name as a bit of a pun. Think: Serious knots and thoughts.

It’s really quite simple in the end. I wanted a title for the blog that would sum up the fact that I intended to slay both nits [random thoughts] and dragons [serious knots] on this site. I just changed the spelling to something more suitable for a screen name.

It didn’t hurt that it sounds rather cool.

Thanks for asking,

Sirius Knott


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