I am Sirius Knott

In the beginning, I made a choice and I chose anonymity. I had hoped that by hiding my true identity that I could eliminate or at least minimize the initial bias one usually encounters the moment one states an opinion. I had hoped to let the ideas and arguments speak for themselves. 

To a large extent, this HAS worked as I’d hoped. I’ll elucidate. Since you don’t know my educational level, you can’t write me off as poorly educated or ignorant, nor can you presume that my words will carry weight based on a plethora of degrees and certifications. My words must carry their own weight. I could be anybody: male, female, young, old, famous, infamous, mundane. Or so it seems at face value. the internet is full of false identities, after all. [Old women posing as young women. Middle-ages perverts posing as young teens. That sort of thing.]

But blogging on the sort of subjects that interest me requires a certain amount of integrity. There are things, if I truly believe in a personal God, that I dare not deceive or mislead you about.

As time continues, things slip out. A piece of information here and there that eventually begin to form an fuzzy image. The little details flesh out what I must needs reveal when I discuss the bones of bigger issues. That too complicates the charade, this selecting of subjects, for each one establishes my viewpoint further and makes it game for summary dismissal based on predispositional bias — the very thing I’d hoped to avoid.

Worse, Sirius Knott has become a recognizable personality. My very name, even as a pseudonymn, causes many to summarily dismiss my arguments based on their predispositional bias they’ve associated with my name. Other blogsites have warned my opponents and would-be opponents that I am the enemy. Bias is established without anyone having to engage the actual argument. 

I digress.

My point is that the entire reason for my anonymity has fallen flat. There exists no further reason or benefit to continue the charade. So after prayerful consideration, I’m outing myself.

My name is Tony Breeden. Well, more formally, it’s Rev. Anthony W Breeden, but I’m simply not that stuffy. I’m an old school rocker who doesn’t bother with a tie in church unless it’s a funeral or a wedding.

You can find out more about me at myspace.com/tonybreeden. And, yes, you will be greeted by my big smiling face.

In the meantime, know that I still intend to continue this blogsite, writing as Sirius Knott. Of course, that would be AFTER I finished my novel [from which I have taken this gratuitous breather and must now return to. My protagonist is quite literally hanging from a cliff and I must write him out of it!]

God bless,

Tony Breeden, aka Sirius Knott


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  1. Eric Kemp says:


    Or should I say, Tony? No, I will continue to call you Sirius Knott, and think of you as Sirius Knott. Welcome back my friend. It will be good to have your insight again.

    The question of anonymonity was one I struggled with from the beginning as well. I decided to take my licking from those who dislike what I have to say from the onset, putting my real name out there as an example of my sincerity.

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