Creation Cryptids: Little Green Men & UFOs 2

A Christian simply has to acknowledge the UFO enigma. I mean, what are these strange lights in the heavens? Who pilots them, if anyone? And why in the blazes are they in our skies?

And who benefits? [More on this in a moment.]

Now there are several ways we might account for UFOs.

1. A good number are misidentified objects of a much more mundane nature. Common things that are already there like clouds, weather balloons, comets, commercial or known military aircraft, et cetera. Any UFO nut who insists that ALL UFO sightings are the real McCoy is an unrealistic true believer.

2. There is the possibility that some are secret government projects. No, I’m not using “the reverse engineered from UFOs” line here. I think that type of thinking is rather circular. [OK, we’re not seeing real space craft, but we are seeing government UFOs based on the real UFOs we’re not really seeing… huh?] These would just be real government aircraft like the stealth bomber, et cetera. [For example, the Flatwoods Monster [Flatwoods, WV], believed by many to be either an alien or a UFO, is allege by many to be a test launch of the lunar lander that went awry and was subsequentally misidentified!]

3. We could be seeing some of the “signs in the heavens” promised by Christ Jesus as a sign of the End of Days. If this is the case, then we are projecting a bit when we see these lights and presume they are manned. In this case, we would be looking at as yet unexplained natural phenomenon [like ball lightning] or angelic messengers flying about as a sign to earthly man. [There is no indication that angels require vehicles to achieve flight, though the Ezekiel passage regarding a “wheel within a wheel” conveyance inicate the idea of angelic vehicles are not excluded.] The possibility of angelic visitation accounting for UFO sightings will be discussed more in #5. The point we should recall here is that heavenly signs [as unexplained natural phenomenon], things like the darkening of the sun, the moon turning the color of blood, comets, cellestial oddities and possibly some sort of natural phenomenon which causes the “UFO” lights could simply be warnings – celestial wake up calls if you will – that the End is approaching.

4. We may be looking at actual extraterrestrial aircraft and/or phenomena. You know, textbook UFOs and ETs. This seems entirely unlikely to me. While the Bible does not exclude the Creator from having created other beings to inhabit our cosmos, it does seem unlikely that they would visit this planet for so many years with no evidence of their approach to our solar system. It seems unlikely that we would not know they were here. There seems to be no motive for their being here, unless they were trying to grab our resources or the planet itself. Space travel [across light years] seems a prohibitive venture for any group of beings, so why would they string out their conquest of a technologically inferior race by hiding for years in the background, positioning themselves as some sort of vast subversive alien conspiracy? I think you see my point.  

5. We may be looking at interdimensional beings, which would explain how they can vanish and appear so suddenly. The idea of angelic beings departing and re-entering the spirit realm for brief excursions into the Prime Material plane come to mind. This phenomenon is consistent with Biblical accounts of angels. As I discussed in Creation Cryptids: Little Green Men & UFOs, the dichotomy between angels and aliens may be a cosmetic devise for distancing Christianity from the paranormal and other weird nonsense.

So there we have it:
1. Misidentified everyday things.
2. Unpublished military/scientific research assumed as extraterrestrial in origin. [i.e. – government UFOs or unpublished man-made terrestrial aircraft]
3. Natural but as-yet-unexplained celestial phenomenon; aka biblically foretold “signs in the heavens” [i.e. – UFO lights]
4. Actual extraterrestrial craft [however unlikely]
5. Interdimensional beings [such as angels, fallen or otherwise]

Of the two more exotic explanations [#4 & #5], I lean toward the latter. Genuine extraterrestrials simply lack a motive and a feasible means. On the other hand, centuries of sightings and the conspiracy that implies makes more sense if they’re really already here, only separated by the material/spirit [i.e. – a dimensional] boundary and can make excursions into the material dimension.

Especially if we ask the question: Who benefits, God or the devil, from these increasing UFO sightings and the subsequent increased belief in extraterrestrial life? Does this lead to an increased belif in God? Or increased unbelief? Oh, you see my point. While the possibility of little green men would in no way invalidate the Bible [and Christendom with it], since the Bible is an account of God’s dealings with MEN, it would be advertised popularly as evidence against special creation. In fact, the discovery of extraterrestrials would be evidence more in favor with intelligent design, given the improbable odds against life coming to be twice! Yet by the time creationists were given a voice to correct these notions, the evolutionists would have had a field day and would have again recruited those cowed theistic evolutionists [or progressive creationists or whatever you call these compromisers] into stating that good Christians really believe a form of evolution and not creation after all. Pawns.

I’ll expand the scenario. This is what I believe may occur.

I believe fallen angels may pose as aliens and will finally “come out” and feed the world a line about how they seeded us and how they’ve been watching us and will now aid us in the next stage of evolution. I believe they will initiate a purge of religious and philosophical beliefs which contradict them, in the name of evolutionary progress. Those seeds [that religious belief is the evolutionary equivalent of childhood and that atheism is a sort of growing up] have already been planted. Both evolutionists and progressive creationists will be satisfied since both evolution and ID will be given credence [you evolved according to our intelligent design, Earthlings]. If the Rapture occurs before or concurrently with their appearance, they may claim the disappearance of Christians is part of the initial purge. They may overcome moral objections to such religious cleansing by invoking the idea that we are in a sense property of theirs since they designed us [lightly accented], but besides that we Christians were some sort of evolutionary throwback or possessed of a mental/evolutionary flaw which was infecting humanity and holding us back from evolutionary Ubermensch [strongly accented].

I believe this is a good candidate for the “strong delusion” which the world will be sent during the Tribulation.

But what of alien abductions and Indigo children? How does this theory account for them?

I shall explore those aspects in a later post.

If there is one thing I want you to take away with you, it is this: When considering ghosts, aliens, cryptids and the like, it is most often helpful to ask, “Who benefits from thisbelief, God or the devil?”

Think about it.

–Sirius Knott

For more on the subject of Aliens from a Creationist viewpoint, read: Creation Cryptids: Little Green Men & UFOs

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  1. ericburns says:

    “Who benefits from thisbelief, God or the devil?”

    I’m not sure I would totally agree that this is the best method for seeking the truth of the matter. If we still thought the Earth was the center of the solar system it may be that we would agree that the devil would benefit more from this fact.

    It also remains true that if evolution is found to be fact (even though I don’t think this contradicts the Bible) it would turn a lot of people away. The devil would benefit more.

    I think that the way we build things up makes them have a negative impact on the whole. We use things we’re not sure of to prove how important we are to God. Such as “the Earth is the center of the cosmos! See how important we are to God!” or “God created each and every living thing individually by hand, do you see how important we are?” or even yet “God created the entire cosmos with us being the only intelligent life. Do you see how important we are?”

    A lot of people argue against these sorts of things to be more comfortable with what they don’t know. No matter how it turns out – the earth not being the center of the universe, evolution as fact, and the existence of aliens and even their visitation of earth – God is still ever powerful and fully true.

    I, myself, have seen a UFO when I was 15 years old. We were all sleeping in the backyard staring up at the stars during my 15th birthday party. I can verify this was no weather balloon. I, however, don’t take this one incident alone to be enough evidence of alien life. I do know that 90 degree turns at incredible speeds are highly implausible given our current means of travel (that which we are aware of). I also don’t believe personal stories lend a high credibility to that which most don’t see. I find it even hard to believe other’s stories and know that giving personal testimonies of the Holy Spirit is very rarely accepted as evidence to the existence of God.

    The facts you state, however, make perfect sense given no personal experience. If you read abduction stories, know people who have had these experiences, or watch videos and read psychological articles on their reactions to hypnotherapy it’s very interesting. There is something very real about it.

    I think that I stand somewhere between options #4 and #5 with a stronger feeling towards the former. I am obviously in hopes that I am not being deceived and have prayed about it. I don’t think, like you said, that it interferes with God’s Word and I will not let it interfere with my faith in God.

    I’m glad you posted about this. I wonder on it quite often. If you have opinions on this please comment back. I’m always seeking insight.

  2. Sirius says:


    My views on evolution are well-published. Being based on naturalism [all answers can be explained without the supernatural/God] and given that God exists, I don’t think it likely that we’ll find that God used a process by which He is unnecessary. I digress.

    I agree with you on one point. There is a danger in capitulating on a current scientific fad to defend the faith. For example, I’ve commented on Kant’s proposition that only an eternal, infinite and perfect [without beginning or end, complete] universe could reflect an eternal, infinite and perfect God [nevermind that imperfect MAN, specifically made in His image, is a finite body with an infinite soul is a contradiction of this very concept!]. Thus an eternal universe that always was and always would be was proposed as a defense for Christendom. Someone should have seen through this faulty logic.

    And to clarify, Who benefits? should never be a prime qualification. It’s more corroboration after sifting both the evidence and Biblical reference. It should never be taken as a stand alone argument for the excellent reason that we cannot always know who would benefit. God uses the just, the wicked and nature itself for His perfect will!

    But it is a very interesting and weighty consideration nonetheless.

    I also agree with you that there is something about all of this. As Christians, we should be the first to seek the truth. After all [It has to be said, bad pun or otherwise. Forgive me.], The Truth is Out There.

    –Sirius Knott

  3. JesusKnight says:

    I have not met anyone who agrees with me on this one except you, Sirius.
    Wow, I have been telling people all that for years and was told that I am crazy for even entertaining the idea that God would make others somewhere else, and also for my belief that it could be demons portraying aliens to deceive the people and turn them from God. I saw a UFO once when I was 16, in the country alone (of course!).
    Truthfully, and sadly, the sighting did not have me looking for God at first, and i delved into other realms that I now shudder to even think about; but many years later I can say He used it for His glory by leading me (I have a questioning and questing brain) slowly but painstakingly to Him.

    1. Sirius says:

      Actually, I found a book by a Creationist author, Alien Intrusion by Gary Bates, that explores the idea of demons portraying aliens. Check it out!

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