Independence Day: The antiDarwin Day

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At the first of this month, we “celebrated” the 150th anniversary of [the lie called] naturalism’s biggest hero. Nevermind that there aren’t enough fingers in the world to fill in the cracksof Darwin’s Dyke. They carefully preserve a dead theory and constantly revise it because it’s the best and only crack they have at denying God’s existence.

But God exists whether they like it or not.

When someone finally reminded me of this deplorable anniversary, I glanced at my personal library and took down my dog-eared copy of Origins. I needed a good laugh. But I could not bring myself to laugh, despite the fact that all he ever offers is speculation and the excuse that with oour present level of knowledge we couldn’t dogmatically rule him out. Thomas Jefferson’s comments to Charles Thompson [1787] may as well have applied to Darwin: “The moment a person forms a theory, his imagination sees, in every object, only the traits which favor that theory.” We call this ostriology – putting you r head firmly in the sand of dogma and ignoring all data which challenges it. Darwin’s faith and zeal for his theory have been matched by his disciples. And now our children are indoctrinated in this metaphysical nonsense as if it were empirical truth!

I put it back on its accustomed place on the shelf, filed appropriately under science fiction next to Wells, Verne and others. I was then reminded, by this decision, that we celebrate a different anniversary in a few days: Indepence Day. At that thought, I smiled again. For independence is the foundation of the USAmerican outlook. We value individualism, patriotism and especially freedom. Our Bill of Rights outlines some of the most precious freedoms we cherish: of religion, speech, assembly, the press. All of these reflect our value of the freedom to think for ourselves.

Some of us have. I did. I became an independent thinker, not because of the academic dogma I was offered, but because I looked at it critically and made up my own mind about it. Like Mark Twain said, I have never let schooling intgerfere with my education.

So this Independence Day, celebrate your freedom to think for yourself.

To put it another way:


–Sirius Knott

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  1. Terry says:

    I am glad to have found your website. I enjoy your refreshing thoughts and challenges to the science fiction of darwinism. I don’t have a lot to offer to your site, but I do have the faith that God created, as He stated and am so amazed at the rhetoric and lack of tolerance within the science fiction crowd. Thanks for being here! These folks are just the opposite of what they claim to be.

  2. “But God exists whether they like it or not.”

    Many people celebrating the anniversary of evolution readily acknowledge God and yes, even worship Him.

    But go ahead and continue lumping all those who readily accept evolutionary theory into whatever anti-religion, anti-Christian, or Satanic group of your choosing–even though it isn’t the truth for many of them.

  3. Sirius says:

    The fact that many people believe in both God and evolution says nothing to the fact of whether said belief is consistent. Evolution is based upon naturalism, the belief that all effects have natural causes and that God is not needed for any explanation of the natural world. It is therefore antithetical to a belief in God.

    Now red herrings aside, I’m not addressing my comments to those who state they belief in both God and evolution. I’m addressing my comments to people more like you, fartful dodger. Those people – inconsistent or not – would not have any cause to dissemble over the existence of God, but you atheists do. The comment was directed to you and your darbot buddies. Do you get it now? Or shall I draw you a picture? perhaps something with little stick men so that you can keep up?

    –Sirius Knott

  4. Newsflash: I’m not an atheist.

  5. Sirius says:

    Excellent. I’m glad you aren’t an atheist. What are you exactly then? Merely anticreationist? Antiliteralist? Antifundamentalist? Do you consider yourself a Christian? Are you agnostic? [Feel free to define yourself by what you believe as much as what you oppose]. ;]

    Not being an atheist only means that you’re not a complete fool… merely self-deluded into accepting and promoting a position which violates the logical law of noncontradiction [i.e.– mixing supernatural belief with a belief in origins that is based purely in naturalism].

    Your God of the gaps does not impress me so much. I’ll take the biblical One, thank you, whether the wisdom of mere men agrees with it at present or not. You DO realize that scientists always eventually come to agree with the Bible [not the other way ’round], don’t you?

    –Sirius Knott

  6. I am a Christian. A bonafide Bible-carrying, Bible-studying, small group attending, every Sunday worshiping, Jesus loving, Trinity believing, virgin birth and resurrection affirming, Christian born and bred in the buckle of the Bible belt.

    I’ll ignore your silly ad hominem attacks. Really, as I’ve told you before, they just make you and other Christians in general look bad. We already have enough bad publicity to begin with, unfortunately.

    As far as science coming to agree with a literal interpretation of all parts of the bible…

    I guess we better start looking LONG and HARD for those windows in the sky, the four corners of the earth, and the firmament (which is a solid structure both in the bible and other ancient Near Eastern cultures). We should also start changing taxonomy to account for bats being a type of bird (Leviticus 11).

    The bible isn’t a scientific text.

  7. Sirius says:


    I can’t believe you just pulled the ever-loving “The Bible isn’t a scientific text/book” straw man fallacy! That’s possibly the weakest line in the theistic evolutionist’s arsenal. Nobody EVER claimed the Bible was a science text; we merely claim as Bible-BELIEVING Christians that it is accurate in all it says concerning history, science, et cetera. It is also accurate in what it says concerning our origins — origins, being outside the realm of science per se.

    We do take into account figures of speech, so you may feel free to deep six your ultra-literalist straw man; however, we can find no reason why we should relegate Genesis 1-11 to allegory, except if we wish to accomodate evolution. And accomodating evolution, since it so demonstrably contradicts the Genesis narrative is self-defeating. It is the fence-riding position of a poorly examined faith.

    As for the ad hominem attacks, please read this. I think you may have mistaken Christendom for a society of nice guys. As for bad publicity, you theistic evolutionists give us a bad rep all the time. Atheistic evolutionists use you guys to try to paint Biblicists as backwards superstitious hicks. But watch Expelled! and note how they are simply USING you guys. They think you’re bleeding idiots because your worldview, being a mesh of naturalism and supernaturalism is a contradiction. You esentially espoused supernatural naturalism!

    –Sirius Knott

  8. Neil says:

    But watch Expelled! and note how they are simply USING you guys.

    I finally saw Expelled! this week and that was my thought exactly. They obviously consider liberal theologians to be useful idiots and orthodox Christians to be regular idiots. But at least we don’t support their endeavors like the theologically liberal Christians do.

    1. Sirius says:

      I saw Expelled! in the theater. I took my clone son to see it. I figured he’d get bored, so I gave him the biggest barrel bucket of popcorn they had. Imagine how big my eyes got when they gave me the total for that monster.

      Anyway, he surprised me because he was quiet all through the movie. In fact, he was downright attentive! Ben Stiller’s funny, but this is still a documentary, right?

      So I asked him, “Did you like the movie?”


      “Did you know what it was about?”

      He shrugs, looks me in the eyes and says, “Yeah, they’re trying to keep God out.”

      Looks like Ben did a good job of keeping the cookies on the lowest shelf. And I have a better grasp of just how much “adult conversation” my child actually comprehends! [Scary moment]

      –Sirius KNott

    1. Sirius says:

      Ha! I’m just getting over the flu and I’m afraid I’m a bit medicated yet.

      Ben STEIN. Not that monkey-faced hack Stiller obviously.

      And how goes the pregnancy, Ms. Noodle? As expected, we hope! [We may not see eye to eye on certain matters, but you are ever in our prayers]

      btw, your Night Before Christmas – cell style! The nerd in me wanted to stand up and cheer. ;]

      Thank you for the correction,
      Sirius Knott

  9. The pregnancy is going well; thanks for asking. My husband and I head back to the doctor for another ultrasound next week and should hopefully find out the sex of the baby then. 🙂

    Merry Christmas!

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