Creation Cryptids: Little Green Men & UFOs

The following originally appeared in answer to a comment on this post.

Aliens and UFOs. OK.

I hail from West Virginia, home of Gray Barker [credited with possibly inventing the Men In Black], the Mothman of Point Pleasant and the Green Monster of Flatwoods [aka the Flatwoods Monster], all of which have been linked to UFOs and Aliens at one point or another, so I’m somewhat of a pseudoexpert. Well, not really, but I have been exposed to UFO theory quite a bit. We’ve even discussed it from our pulpits.

The most discussed evidence against the existence of aliens and their interstellar vehicles is that West Virginians will shoot well nigh anything they don’t recognize just in case it might be worth something dead. Call it a hunting fetish, but we simply don’t consider the consequences [possible interstellar war or accidentally giving the alien ballistic signal to begin courtship, for instance] in the face of the temptation to shoot something.

That aside, we’re conspiracy buffs from way back. Bring on the black choppers, baby, and pass the ammo!

Now naysayers always say something like, You saw a blimp or a weather ballooon. You saw two airplanes crossing paths. You saw swamp gas refracted off the light of Venus. Silly explanations like this only fuel the fire. Just say, I dunno, but it couldn’t be that, for crying out loud!

Of course, that brings up the question of whether it COULD be that. Biblically, there’s nothing to prevent it.

Ufologists usually cite Ezekiel’s Wheel as evidence of UFOs in the Bible. The Wheel seems to be a sort of conveyance possible driven by cherubim or seraphim or whatever. These guys are created beings not indigenous to Earth who drive around flying wheelie things. Technically, we could, tentatively, properly classify angels and even God Himself as extraterrestrials. I say this with due reverence and only in the interests of fairness, because I think the dichotomy between angels as supernatural and aliens as scientific [albeit paranormal science] is completely artificial. If we believe God is real, then we ought to dust off our definitions and consider him and his heavenly hosts a bit more scientifically [albeit with reverence for Someone who is in a larger degree beyond our ability to put in a box].

To put it a different way, the Bible is God’s Word to Earth. It describes what he has done on Earth and His relations with His Creation here. It does not preclude the Creator from having other creations. In fact, the presence of angels [fallen or otherwise] in His court imply that Earth may not be unique, except possibly where it concerns beings created in His image. You are right to say that we cannot rule out the possibility, but we should be cautious both in the promotion and our skepticism of the idea.

There are inevitably times where UFO sightings are bunk, but taken by blind faith by those who want to believe.  We should not be among these. We should examine the weight of evidence in light of perfect revelation [the Bible].

As the Church is described as the pillar and ground of truth, Christianity should stand as a reasonable faith in whatever area we choose to investigate.

–Sirius Knott

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