When You’re Right, You’re Right

It’s kind of funny, but when you’re right, you’re right.

To be right:

1. You don’t have to know why. [You can base it on a hunch or a gut feeling]

2. You don’t have to have the best argument.

3. You don’t even have to be right for the right reasons. [Galileo was right about heliocentrism, but most people don’t know that all of his given reasons for believing so have been refuted!]

4. You can be right even if no one believes you are.

5. You can be right even if you don’t want to be!

On the other hand, the inverse is true: When you’re wrong, you’re wrong.

1. You can reason out the problem intelligently and critically, but still be wrong.

2. You can articulate your argument better and still be wrong.

3. You can have an apparent weight of evidences and arguments on your side, and still be wrong.

4. You can enjoy the consensus of the whole world and still be wrong – right along with everyone else.

5. You can be wrong though you would prefer to be otherwise [or even if you wish the truth were otherwise!]

Because truth is independent of faculty of intellect, ability of rhetoric, bias of reason, popularity of opinion and even preference.

Truth is.

Something I wish my detractors would come to grips with.

–Sirius Knott


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  1. cindyinsd says:

    Wow. Great post–I love it. Now I’ll have to go and have a look at the rest of your site. I have no idea whether or not I agree with your idea of what is true, but it’s a great post whether or not.

    God bless,


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