Greed, High Gas Prices & Impotent RepDems

Gas prices continue to soar with no reasonable end in sight and no apparently logical economical basis.

The prices are NOT going up proportionately with increased demand.

The prices are NOT going up proportionately with increased cost of a barrel of crude oil or the cost of processing it into gasoline.

The prices ARE going up, but it’s by no means consistent. In a two-mile area in my neck of the woods, Exxon listed its Regular gasoline at $4.05-4.09 a galon. That’s a five cent variable, which makes no sense at all in light of the fact that both stations are in the same city and both are right off the interstate. Shouldn’t they both be at the same price, preferably the cheaper one? It gets worse. Next to the Exxon that was advertising its Regular gasoline at $4.09/gal., a Speedway across the street had Regular gas for only $4.02/gal. The 7 cent gap was made painfully stark by contrast with prices for the other levels:

Exxon’s prices were: Regular $4.09/gal – Plus $4.21 – Supreme $4.33!!

Speedway’s were: Regular $4.02/gal – Plus $4.12 – Supreme $4.22.

How is this sort of disparity even possible?  

We used to call it GREED.

Now, I’m a fan of capitalism, but I’m not a fan of gouging! The Arab countries that control crude oil are fixing their prices for profit and, I believe, for ideological reasons. USAmerica is at war with islamic terrorists and the countries that support these cowardly guerilla murderers. [Yes, bin ladin, if you’re still alive, you’re arguably the most gutless chicken alive on this planet. So much for the “men” of Islam.] OPEC is made up mostly of Islamic countries. This PRICE FIXING ought to be considered AN ACT OF WAR [or jihad, more to the point], whether you agree we ought to be over there fighting for democracy or not.

Greed and Islamic solidarity.

But the blame doesn’t stop there. USAmerican companies are economically RAPING USAmerican citizens for every precious penny they can! They are showing ZERO RESTRAINT! So long as they can give some sort of shoulder-shrugging half-articulated excuse and pass the buck somewhere else, by using the media, they just keep on raising the profits prices and acting like the rising prices are beyond any control. In short, they act as if they’re co-victims, like they have no degree of control over the prices of gasoline. But then BRAG about how they’ve enjoyed their greatest year of earnings ever!


As a point of irony, their greed led inevitably to gas thieves. So these gasoline stations [and their parent companies] start crying out that law enforcement needs to help them. When the thieves got more and more inventive, they made everyone prepay or pay at the pump. So now gas theives are stealing from other vehicles. Law enforcement is now pressed with an extra task that would not be necessary were it not for the gas companies’ …


And the media. They’re so busying entertaining people [read: scaring the blazes out of us, inciting a panic and then taking advantage of the climate of anxiety they’ve created to boost their viewership and ratings] that they’ve found it more profitable not to actually INVESTIGATE this issue and report actual facts that might helpsolve the problem. Their surface treatment shows their willingness to exploit the situation for every bit of anxiety-building ratings they can milk from it and their utter scorn for true investigative journalism! Of course, most of the media news sources are so concerned with painting the Dems in an angelic light that an unbiased, objective bit of hard-knuckled, no-holds-barred investigative journalism is likely beyond them.

Greed… for ratings.

But almost everybody is exploiting the situation: Housing prices go up disproportionately to rising prices. [And you just KNOW these rent prices won’t go back down if the gas prices do!] Too, why is it that when gas prices go up by ten cents, the prices on every single item in a store goes up a dime; isn’t that overkill? Why is THAT allowed?


And everyone passes the buck. Everybody thinks SOMEBODY needs to do something about it.

But thanks to a few generations of neo-Marxist public education, everybody seems to think that our government needs to do something about it. Because we need a nanny government. Because we need them to solve our problems. That’s socialism. They can keep it and their so-called socialist Village concept. I like to think for myself EVEN IF NO ONE AGREES WITH ME. Even if my government doesn’t like it.

But aside from the fact that our government isn’t supposed to solve all of our problems, it can’t [CAN’T as in can NOT] solve THIS problem. Why?

1. The RepDem government is incapable of solving the problem. Or any problem. They’re politically deadlocked. Each offers a partisan solution. Neither cares to come up witha  bipartisan solution for the sake of the USAmericans they allegedly represent. That’s the problem: Democrats and Republicans reaaally on represent themselves [i.e.– their Parties] but people keep voting for them because their daddy and their granddaddy did. It’s time to wake up and take washington back. The RepDem parties aren’t what they used to be. They aren’t even what they advertise themselves to be. It’s time to reject them wholesale and end the Repdem oligarchy.

2. The RepDem government doesn’t care to. It’s political expediency. Each is making promises that they will solve it, IiiiiiiiiiF you elect them. Meanwhile, they twiddle their thumbs and blame the other party. Shameless.

3. This problem is their own fault. Decades of quick fixes while they did really important things like blaming one another and trying to get elected have made this problem nearly insurmountable. It took years to create this hole we’ve dug. Everyone knows we’ve needed to get off the OPEC teet, but no one ever came up with a realistic long-range plan to do so. I predict they will continue this trend. it’s time to toss out the old worn jeans. They’re beyond repair and they ain’t getting any better. They’re just gonna offer blame, promises and quick fixes that dig our hole deeper. We need a new party.

You see, in the end, tghe reason the RepDems are impotent on this issue is because it is politically expedient that they appear to be doing something, but continue to lead us by the carrot on a stick. It’s about staying in power. Because political power generates money. From lobbyists. Fund-raising political supporters. From special interests. And that doesn’t count their pay checks and perks! In the end, the RepDems are impotent because they choose to be, because of…


–Sirius Knott 

For more on the RepDem oligarchy, click here.

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