The Texas FLDS Kids: A CPS Fishing Expedition?

This case out in Texas has me horrified.

CPS shows up at the door demanding to speak to 2 [T-W-O] people and the next the thing you know, they’re in the sheep pen taking off with ALL [A-L-L] of the lambs.


What necessitated taking ALL of their children based on allegations against TWO? Their religious beliefs.

And now these kids are separated from their moms and dads and are stuck in foster care. And why can’t they stay with their moms or with relatives instead of being in foster care? They all hold the same religious beliefs.

Now, I’m NOT advocating child abuse. I’m against it.

But I’m against the presumption of guilt until proven otherwise. I’m against removing children based on someone’s claim and then fishing for evidence after the fact.

I’m against deciding that everyone is suspect because of their religious beliefs.

I think the FLDS and Mormons in general are a cult.

But if you start deciding you start deciding that you can take someone’s kids just because you don’t agree with thei religious views, I’ve got a problem with that because my religious views could be targetted next.

I think the media deserves a big spanking for how they’ve handled coverage of this story. I’ve never seen such one-sided biggottry in all my life.

And Texas’ age of consent [with parental approval] is 16, so why do we keep hearing questions about whether those involved were over 18 or not?

What were the girl’s ages?

It’s interesting that the government has tried to take this cult’s kids before, but public outcry over seeing kids taken from their mommies caused the government to back away and leave them alone. Apparently, the David Koresh Waco saga taught them that if you allege molestation, you have free license to do your worst with the USAmerican media’s approval.

–Sirius Knott


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