Deceived by Angels: Mormonism and Islam

Mormonism and Islam have one thing in common: both allege angels gave them their holy texts.

That shouldn’t surprise Christians. Fallen angels are still angels, after all.

2 Corinthians 11:13-14 

13 For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. 
14 And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.
Let me be plain. ANY cult, religion or sect that makes claims contrary to the Bible is false. Period. The Holy Bible is the infallible, inspired, inerrant Word of God, given by inspiration. It is not a work of cleverly devised fables nor the work of men. It is God’s supernaturally revealed Word.

Mormons, or members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, claim to be apostles of Christ. They are not. Their founders were scheisters who gobbled up land, possessions and property. None of its prophecies or geographical/archaeological descriptions have proven true [in fact, they’ve been proven otherwise] and it’s clear that the Book of Mormon was plagiarized from another fellow’s fictional work.

Islam claims that Jesus was a prophet [and no more] and claimm to honor Him in doing so. They have to claim that the Bible was warped by the disciples to do so for it is clear from the Biblical record that Jesus claimed to be equal with God. It was founded in conquest and bloodshed. The only miracle Muhammed could offer up was “the miracle of the Qur’an,” but the only miracle therein is that people have actually been dumb enough to believe it. It also contains inaccuracies like the claim that the sun sets in a puddle of mud. And don’t forget the “satanic verses” that allowed the veneration of three specific idols, but was then changed and the verses omitted from the original. Why? Muhammed said that satan had deceived him and put the verses in without his knowledge. Wow. How much else did ol’ Slewfoot get in there?

In contrast, Jesus performed numerous miracles to validate His claims, even raising people from the dead. The Jews did not deny His miracles but claimed he was using sorcery. He vindicated His claim to be God by rising from the dead. He did not propogate His Way by war or trickery. He did not gobble up land and possessions. He had to pay tribute to Caesar by catching a fish with a coin in its mouth [Judas Iscariot held the purse and stole from it] and stated that, “The Son of Man has no place to lay his head.” He inspired love and faith in both friends and enemies. The Bible that records Him is validated by nonbiblical sources. It stands correct in all it records geographically, historically and archaeologically and has never yet been refuted.

–Sirius Knott


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  1. runtu says:

    Can I ask you how you know that the Bible is the “infallible, inspired, inerrant Word of God, given by inspiration”?

    Seems to me that you’re saying that Mormonism isn’t true because you say so. Surely, you can do better than that.

  2. Sirius says:

    I’m saying Mormonsm is purest bunk because, amongst other things, its founder was a crook and a swindler and the geographical/archaeological/historical/prophetical claims of its sourcebook are all unbelievable fiction.

    By comparison, the Bible has been repeatedly and unerringly vindicated in both its natural claims [geographical/historical/archaeological] and supernatural [prophetic] claims.

    I did do better than that. Can’t you?

    –Sirius Knott

  3. Justin Tisnley says:

    Dear sir,

    I have read your claim that the bible is 100& infallable word of god. Like a typical zealot, you believe that you have a monopoly on faith and truth. This may be a pointless effort on my part, in trying to rationally reach you, but here it goes anyway. If you are willing to listen with an open mind, i challenge you to go to You tube and type in “Foundational Falsehoods of Creationsim part 2” by Aron-ra.
    I am not naive enought to believe its going to change your mind but perhaps it will show you the flaw in your position that your faith is the only valid one.



    1. Justin,

      Like a typical atheist zealot, you believe that you have a monopoly on faith and truth. Unlike you, I rejected the beliefs of my youth and became a blasphemous agnostic. At that time, I wholly affirmed millions of years of microbes-to-man evolution. A decade later, I began questioning the things I had been taught in my youth by teachers and professors. I shook off credulity for reason. rather than parroting what I’d been taught, I began to think for myself.

      Part of learning to be an independent thinker is learning to formulate your own arguments. So thank you for the link to Aron-ra’s nonsense. I may get around to refuting it later, but YOU certainly haven’t given anyone cause to be concerned about our beliefs.


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