WV House Speaker Flunks Democracy

I came across a recnt article in The Charleston Gazette entitled, “House OKs $5,000 raise,” which included the following note:

“House Speaker Rick Thompson, D-Wayne, noted lawmakers had not received a pay increase since 1994. he said he was proud of the membership for standing up to public pressure. [Front page of The Charleston Gazette, February 27, 2008. Emphasis mine]

Fortunately, at the time of this writing, the greed bill still has to pass the WV Senate.

Two  comments.

First, this is pure unadulterated greed. Most politicians already make way more than the average West Virginian — and they’re asking for a raise when we’re up to our eyeballs in debt! They haven’t got a raise since 1994, when they went from being underpaid to rediculously overpaid. They haven’t been given a raise since 1994 because they don’t NEED one. They need to take a bloody payCUT!

Second, why doesn’t Democrat Rick Thompson see the hypocrisy of his applause. You see, in a DEMOCRACY, where the people rule, you PAY ATTENTION to things like PUBLIC pressure, because as PUBLIC advocates, your job is to vote according to the WILL OF THE PEOPLE! House Speaker Thompson, this isn’t a RepDem oligarchy. Not yet. Try to remember who you work for!


Sirius Knott

One Comment Add yours

  1. Sirius says:

    In case you wondered, it passed. By a landslide.

    Way to crap on the flag, guys. You disgust me.

    –Sirius Knott

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