Pro-Life Demonstration Goes Too Far

On my way to work this morning I was greeted with graphic images of the dismembered, mutilated and even decapitated bodies of aborted babies. A busload of public school students was also subjected to this grotesque display.

I am pro-life. As the product of an alleged rape and the father of a premature infant, I am well aware of the importance of the issue and well-versed in the arguments on both sides of this issue. There’s a right way and a wrong way to do these things. An ethical argument cannot be supported by unethical methods. Nor can one promote life by means of images of death. We used to call this hypocrisy.

I am pro-life, but today I find myself standing against the methods of one group of pro-life activists.

— Sirius Knotts

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  1. Im afraid people like that are people who probably know nothing about the actual mental and physical pain women go through when they have this procedure done.

    And using pictures like that isnt going to put a women off whos made up her mind. Because sometimes doing this is the only thing she can do.

    I just wish these people would think about what the lass is going through and why she came to this decision before judging her.

    1. Candy Thompsopn says:

      Do you object to pictures of stacks of naked corpses that were piled up by the Nazis or the backs of slaves mutilated by racists to show what was really going on or is it better to keep our consciouses from being hurt…it might be too hard on those women. Let’s keep them in denial and don’t let them see the truth with a possibility of healing and repentance.

      1. Candy Thompsopn says:

        Women in denial or who are trying to justify what they did mustn’t see the truth or it will upset the fabrications of their minds and it is offensive to them. What woman in her right mind goes to the abortionist with the idea that she is going to kill her child. To do that one must put the child they carry so far from their heart, hardened toward that child with no love, that they can actually go through with murdering their own child. It’s hard to understand how the Nazis could kill Jews without a tinge of conscience, but they also bought into the lie that Jews weren’t human and could kill with no remorse. If the picture of a baby torn to pieces will break into a hardened heart and release the love and compassion that was also killed in the act of abortion, saving one woman, then why couldn’t you tolerate it also.

      2. Tony Breeden says:

        The problem is that a busload or carload of children may also see this non-discriminate gore and suffer trauma for something they are innocent of. You have the right idea. You have the wrong method. We don’t cut our steak with a chainsaw.

      3. Tony Breeden says:

        I object to such scenes being shown to children. When you use such graphic displays in public you are traumatizing children and other innocents, to your condemnation.

  2. Sirius says:

    I must gently disagree with you on one point, though I agree with you for the most part. These fallen women deserve our sympathy.

    No less than the children involved.

    The abortion option is never the only choice; it’s merely the simplest. Adoption is almost never considered.

    I suppose I’m the pro-choice world’s worst nightmare. I’m the product of alleged rape, so while I sympathize for those who’ve been raped, I also see the situation from the point of view of the rare offspring of said despicable act. Abortion makes two innocent victims instead of one. I’m the father of a premature infant, so the issue of viability is settled as far as I’m concerned. The truth is that a premature infant is just as reliant on parents [and others] for warmth, love and nourishment as a healthy newborn. We just call it infanticide if they make it past the birth canal. Both my children, including an adopted child, are special needs, so the quality of life argument is settled for me as well. God intended these children to be on this Earth. Just because they are unwanted by someone else doesn’t mean they are wholly unwanted.

    Adoption works. I should know: I was adopted.

    — Sirius Knott

  3. Karin says:

    I couln’t agree with you more Sirius. You are truly an inspiration. God bless.

  4. Twilightdreamlover says:

    These are the very images pro-choicers don’t want to see. Why not? Well, it’s very obvious. If one can sweep the brutal reality under the rug, one doesn’t have to face what abortion really and truly is — murder of a defenseless, innocent, developing human being.

    These pictures prove that the contents of a pregnant woman’s womb are NOT “fetal tissue”, or “the products of conception”, but a living, GROWING baby.

    The mentality displayed by Mr. Knotts — quite unusual for a pro-lifer, but not for pro-choicers — is the very same mentality displayed by anyone who wants to rationalize an immoral act. If you don’t really take a good, long look at the harsh reality, you can comfortably convince yourself that your actions are perfectly all right. After all, it’s not “really” alive, is it?

    Well, those gruesome pictures are necessary. They have to be presented to a world that is blatantly unwilling to face the truth. Pro-choicers don’t want to see the truth of abortion. Hey, whether or not you believe in the law of gravity, it will still pull you off a window ledge and kill you, if you decide to jump from that ledge.

    The methods of abortion are brutal. The contents of the womb are cruelly shredded, suctioned, or burned out with a saline solution. What comes out of that womb is pieces of a previously living, developing human being.

    Americans as a nation had to face the cruelty of the Vietnam war. No one protested agaisnt the display, in various media, of the brutal images of that war.

    As a pro-life feminist, I uphold the use of the gruesome images of aborted babies, because the reality MUST be faced. These are innocent human lives that are being exterminated without pity, without regard for THEIR rights. How many female babies have so far been killed? How about the rights of these babies to grow up and exercise their freedom from the patriarchy’s oppression?

    The truth about abortion is that it is murder, and murder, for whatever reason, simply cannot be justified.

    There are plenty of websites, books, and videos that present the stages of fetal development. Abortion brings this development to an end.

    If you implant an amoeba inside a woman’s womb, what do you have at the end of nine months? The very same, one-celled organism. If you implant a fertilized egg inside a woman’s womb, what do you have at the end of nine months? A fully-developed baby. Both start out as single-celled organisms, but the end result in each case is definitely not the same.

    There is no possible way a fully-developed baby can appear on the planet without having undergone the stages of uterine growth, which goes from the simplest to the most complex stage.

    I will proudly continue to hold up these gruesome pictures at pro-life demonstrations, just as I did the gruesome pictures of war victims during Vietnam war protests in years past.

  5. Twilightdreamlover says:

    Thank you for deleting my comment. So much for free speech, hypocrite!

  6. Twilightdreamlover says:

    When I opened the page, I didn’t see the original comment I had posted, so I thought it had been deleted. My apologies for sending the second comment. I should have refreshed the page first. I am really sorry!

  7. Sirius says:


    I’m sorry. As a parent and a preacher, I still think our methods say as much about us as our message. The ends do not justify the means.

    Those signs aren’t just seen by pro-choicers. they’re seen by innocent children who are traumatized by your brazen horrorshow. How hypocritical is it to expect movie ratings to keep kids from seeing such gore but to justify a drive-by gorefest when you think it’s useful to convince their parents?

    The hand that works to save children from death should not also traumatize children with gory death.

    Food for thought,
    Sirius Knott

    PS In regard to your comment concerning free speech, you are seriously mislead. This is my private blog and I am under no obligation to approve your comments just because you bothered to blather my way.

    Kindly consult my Rules of Engagement at

  8. Carlos says:

    Look at the gruesome photos used to show people the reality of the Nazi Holocaust. How about the pictures of slaves being beaten? Or children working in a coal mine. Images make movements.

    ” America will never reject abortion until America sees abortion.”
    -Priests For Life

    1. Sirius says:


      Those Holocaust pictures, photos of the horribly scarred backs of slaves and children working in the mines weren’t being splattered on the sides of trucks like a horrorshow billboard. They weren’t being displayed on street corners by rabid hypocrites who had decided that the ends do indeed justify the means. If a few children are traumatized by their drive-by carnage, well, that collateral damage is just to be expected, right? I saw one of your blood-n-guts trucks today and I barely distracted my innocent children from seeing your ill-conceived gore-bage.

      You don’t have to deal with the nightmares. You don’t have to deal with the fallout your overzealous horrorfest causes. And this makes you despicable. Shameful.

      What would Jesus do? Would He oppose abortion? Of course. Would He say any means is justified to that end? Of course not. Just as you know [I hope you know] that murdering abortion doctors and bombing their clinics is wrong, you know that this means there is in fact a line which should not be crossed. Can you honestly see Christ Jesus driving one of those carnage wagons? Can you see Jesus holding up one of your grim and ghastly signs as a school bus full of children passes by?

      Wake up to righteousness and stop sinning, for some have no knowledge of God! I speak this to your shame!

      Do you honestly think those signs do anything except cause unnecessary revulsion for the pro-life movement in general? That being the case, you’re guilty of stripping children of their innocence and causing folks to stumble. Why would they give Christians the time of day when they are so obviously hypocrites? Aren’t these the guys who want movie ratings and decency standards but use the vilest means available to get their own message across?

      If this is your Christianity, it’s a sham and a fraud. If this is your Christianity, it’s based more on politics than the Bible, more on self-inflicted and unnecesary martyrdom than on submitting to the will of Christ.


      Sirius Knott

  9. Flying Spaghetti Monster says:

    Hello Everyone,
    This is my first time on this website. I am both an evangelist and an apologist. I know we need to love people but we must remember that God’s Word is a two-edged sword and TRUTH is part of that sword along with love. I know a group in the NE, Ohio area that protest an abortion clinic in that area adn they will hold signs like that. And to this day, over 20,000 women who were going in to have an abortion, when seeing the sign, turned back around and had second thoughts. some of them even repented and became Christians because of these people willing to be out there every single Tuesday morning. This may shock you too. Many ministers drive these women in to have abortions and get about $100 per person. I go on a lot of websites and a lot fo people are saying and judging those who are willing to do the will of God when they themselves do not even have a clue what is actually go on out there. So here we got one abortion clinic where 20,000 babies have been saved because of people holding signs like that up.

    I cna give hundreds of examples because we have a group in our area that evangelizes on the streets. Just recently one of the ladies in our group led a drug-dealer to the Lord while he was doing deals. he first said “God is forgiving” and didn’t feel a need to follow after God’s ways until she got bold and told him he was an idolater. This man created an IMAGE of Jesus in his mind that didn’t exist in scripture. He heard from so many ministers that God is love, God is love, God is love. This is true but they gave him a half gospel along with just a small part of who God is. God is much more than love. The seraphim around the throne have been saying for eternity – Holy, Holy, Holy. Now this woman would have been judged by most pastors that she was too hard core in her presentation but this man is on the Lord’s side now because she was committed to giving the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Modern evangelism has 80% to 90% of backsliders or false converts yet the church keeps doing the things it has been doing over the last 30 to 100 years and thinks the results are going to somehow go back to the Charles Spurgeon, Finney, and and Tozer days were there was hardly ever a false convert or backslider under their ministries adn they presented the gospel so different than they do today.

    Anyhow, I wanted to give some insight and a gentle rebuke to some of these remarks that those babies God loves too and if they can be kept from going to the slaughter because of someone else’s selfishness because some person was willing to take time out of their day to go hold up a sign that many would call offensive in the church today, then so be it. We are to be salt upon the earth adn sometimes salt can burn.

    God Bless,
    Spaghetti Monster

  10. Flying Spaghetti Monster says:

    Another comment I would like to make. Even if we take away what some are calling a “horrorshow” on this particular blog, why are those same people not willing to go out and do peaceful demonstrations. It is a fact that very few Christians in America will even go and protest in a nicer fashion yet they are the first ones to judge those who are at least doing something even if they feel they are misguided. When one is judging someone for something they themselves are not willing to do in what they would call “the right way”, that is hypocrisy.

    As far as Jesus goes – what would He do? He would tell the 98% of Christians in America who do not or who have never shared their faith one time (sometime over 30 years or more) with others to get their butts out there and evangelize so that a changed heart would change a person’s mind and abortion would become scarce. But Jesus said throughout the gospels that those who truly love me will obey me. So let’s start sharing our faith regularly, live the way a Christian should live and follow Him with all of our hearts. We have roughly 20,000 self-professing Christians in our 200,000 populated town but we can only get a handful that are willing to go otu on the streets to hadn out tracts or witness. On top of that, not one of us is supported financially by the church.

    Christianity vs. Jehovah Witnesses committment
    38.97% to 40.41% of all those that claim to be a Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide according to 2007 statistics preach or go door-to-door every single month.
    Only 2% share their faith regularly amongst Christiandom in America. God help us and I don’t mean, “God, bless me either.”

    The sin of omission is the greatest of sin in Christianity today in America.

    Mr. Rough Around the Edges

  11. Chuck says:

    Sirius, I am not going to ask you to repent: I am going to ask you to open your mind.

    Jesus mentions hell much more than he mentions heaven, and he did so in gruesome detail at times.

    In fact, he compares hell to Gehenna: a desolate valley where pagans would sacrifice their children to the god Moloch.

    I’m 29, when I was very young I saw the reality of abortion. And now I am a fighter for the rights of these children.

    We keep hearing about “choice.” Choice to do what? Choice. To do what? Circles and circles. The gruesome realities MUST be exposed, no human rights movement has otherwise succeeded.

    God bless.

    1. Chuck says:

      P.S. – I hope you don’t think the argument goes that it should be graphic images alone.

      We need to support pregnant mothers who are in need, spiritually, physically, materially..

      We need to pray for pregnant mothers, for post-abortive women, for fathers, for abortion providers, for pro-lifers and “pro-choicers”.

      1. I don’t think anything of the sort.

        I think those graphic images have their place. I don’t think it’s on a street corner where children can be traumatized as collateral damage.


    2. Chuck,

      I once watched a movie called ‘The Monstrous Regiment of Women’ which showed “pro-lifers” holding up gruesome placards of death. Two pro-abortion women commented that they didn’t even think the images were real. They saw it, but they didn’t believe it anyway.

      I also saw a movie just recently called Law Abiding Citizen. In the beginning of the movie, you empathize with Gerard Butler’s character and his outrage at a justice system that cannot provide justice. As Jamie Foxx’ lawyer character notes, “It’s not about justice; it’s about what you cna prove in court.” Suddenly, Butler’s character takes matters into his own hands and starts torturing and killing people he thought responsible for a broken court system. That’s when I completely lost empathy for him. He’d crossed a line.

      And the guys and gals holding up those signs, traumatizing busloads of school children as collateral damage in the war against abortion, they’ve crossed a line too. The ends do not justify the means.


      1. Chuck says:

        lol traumatizing busloads of children. Is that right?

        Means = (supposedly) traumatizing busloads of children.

        Let’s be careful not to build up a straw man.

        I just shared my personal story. And I’ve met several pro-lifers, younger than I am who had similar stories. Lila Rose, a pro-life activist, was 9 when she saw her first graphic image and that began her dedication to the pro-life movement.

        Are you aware of the media out there? Kids see much worse in movies and video games. If the traumatizing you’re referring to is that introspection that occurs when you realize this is real, then I tell you, it must happen. It is an essential element of every human rights battle ever fought. I know, I’ve studied it.

        I think more kids need to see the images, not accompanied by rants and condemnations, but with solemnity.

      2. I’m not building up a straw man, Chuck. You’re simply not thinking out the implications of a public demonstration with cars going by… with kids in the backseat.

        And I watched a busload of kids go by one of those horrorshow abortion demonstrations once, Chuck. You realize that these same kids are prevented from seeing that sort of gore in movies by the MPAA rating system. We protect them from this sort of sickness because it’s the right thing to do. Kids don’t need to see that sort of sickness. I have kids. I oughtta know.

        Your cop-out, your shameless excuse that these kids see far worse and should be subjected to the sort of slasher film slaughter you show on those demonstration placards is quite simply a betrayal of the trust kids place in adults. You find the loss of their innocence an acceptable collateral damage. As a paraent of those kids I can tell you I’d rather beat a demonstrator over the head with one of those needlessly graphic signs than ever allow my kids’ innocence to be torn from them by your lack of care.

        Again the ends do not justify the means. How is this speaking the truth in love? It’s not. Not when it doesn’t give a damn about the collateral damage it may cause.

        Have you considered Romans 16:19? “Yet I would have you wise unto that which is good, and simple concerning evil.”

        Have you considered that God will have you give an account not simply for your message but also for your methods?

        Then said he unto the disciples, It is impossible but that offences will come: but woe unto him, through whom they come! It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones – Luke 17:1-2

        The fact that you think kids need to see these images at all deeply disturbs me.

        -Rev Tony Breeden

  12. Chuck says:

    I haven’t been convinced that kids are as traumatized as you seem to think. I have observed and been told by parents otherwise. But I do see your general concern.

    You mentioned that you believe graphic images do have their place. And I can imagine places where they would be imprudent. I don’t know the details of your particular incident.

    But I can assure you, the average youth (very often with their parents consent) has little regard for MPAA ratings. David was probably a teenager when he decapitated Goliath. The lie is that we live in a morally advanced society, but the gore is there, and the more we turn our heads from it the more our Christian valor atrophies.

    1. Chuck says:

      And my “cop-out” is you continuing to weave straw. There’s a difference between the immoral and mindless context of the “sort of slasher film slaughter” and the solemn truth of what we do to “these little ones” daily.

      Rather than beating a demonstrator over the head I’d suggest you engage in a paternal discussion with your kids. You might see that their innocence was not “torn from them”. Giddiness carried over into adulthood makes for a passive society.

      1. There’s no difference between the end-cap horror show I’ve endured at a local Wal-Mart advertizing the latest slasher flick and the signs you self-righteously shove in front of the faces of true innocents. You don’t care about teh collateral damage you cause, because you don’t have to deal with the fallout. You justify your total lack of care for the innocent with horridly self-serving, self-aggrandizing excuses and accusations, because you really don’t give a damn about their innocence. It’s incovenient to the brutal method you’d prefer to get your message across with. In the eyes of our little ones slasher film posters and gory abortion posters are only fodder for night terrors. They don’t understand the adult war we’re waging.

        I would not broach this conversation with my young boys until it were age-appropriate, until I knew they could handle it. Rams can handle terrors that no lamb should be expected to face.

        Deep down beneath your misplaced zeal and self-righteous pride, I’d wager you recognize that. hat you do is akin to bombing civilian population centers in the blind hope that you may take out a few of your enemies. And it’s just wrong. And you know it.

        Shame on you.

        This conversation is over. I doubt your petty excuses will hold water when you stand before the Righteous Judge before whom we must alkl give an account.

    2. Chuck,

      It’s clear that this conversation is over.

      So what if some parents are so lax that they let their kids watch whatever they want regardless of the MPAA ratings. That doesn’t mean that those parents who do care should be subjected to your morally bancrupt street corner display. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

      The lie is that you can do as you damn well please just because everyone else is doing it and still call it a moral endeavor. When you strut out there holier-than-thou with your gore-filled signs heedless of the consequences to the little ones of our world, you do Christinaity a grave disservice.

      Do us a favor… If you do it again, make sure you carry a sign claiming that you’re godless atheists. At least then the world will have less cause to charge us with hypocrisy.

      I’m not turning away from this fight. I’m a staunch opponent of the so-called “pro-choice” movement. But I care enough to do things the right way.

      God rebuke you, Chuck.

  13. W. T. Debunker says:

    You people LOVE to look at these pictures. You LOVE the attention you get from holding them up. Normal people do not THINK the way your warped brains do. The reason you hold them up is the same reason one would get a tattoo, plaster bumper stickers all over their vehicles, or any other way to make you seem the most relevant in the room. Pro life or Pro choice, it doesn’t matter what your stance is, you should all be ashamed of yourselves. It is the same reason why we don’t stand out in front of your homes with 6′ signs of raped vaginas or diseased penis’. No one needs to see this on an otherwise pleasant drive. You think you are bringing attention to your cause. You are only hurting your cause. You are a minority if you think that you will ever sway people by showing these terrifying pictures. You are no worse than a rapist or pedophile. You are bringing trauma to innocent people, and more importantly children. Go back to school and learn something. Quit draping the bible around your cause. God would not approve of your horror tactics.

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