Evidence of Something

I was reviewing some of the comments I’ve received and nearly fell off my chair laughing. Someone had responded to my The Faith of Richard Dawkins post and taken great pains to quote me and then insert the word Oops! over and over again with a link to some anti-Creationist site. He didn’t seem to have any original thoughts of his own. He ended his series of quotes from the blog and Oops! links with a challenge [of sorts]:

“You may want to rethink your diatribe, in the light of the evidence provided.”

I’ll obviously do nothing of the sort! The reason that I found this comment so charming, after all, was because the poor bloody bugger had so clearly confused the terms evidence and proof. Evidence merely includes all the facts present. All evidence is not equal. Hearsay evidence, for example. Proof is “evidence that is so complete and convincing as to put a conclusion beyond reasonable doubt.”

Dawkins nor Darwin has enough evidence to constitute proof or the argument would have long ago ceased. 

The reason I’ve not deigned to put the comments on the blog verbatim is because the response was banal. I don’t give mockery a voice for mockery’s sake. Especially ill-informed, semi-literate, brainwashed, parroted drivel unworthy of consideration except as yet another example of poor reason and worse rhetoric.

At least it made me laugh.

–Sirius Knott

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