Kyle XY – 2.4 Balancing Act

Kyle is truly addictive. I just watched the most recent episode and I’m already Jonesing for next week’s airing.

This week had Tom Foss putting Kyle through his paces, forcing him to climb insanely built walls, jog up and down 3,000+ steps and lift heavy concrete slabs while hopping from barrel-to-barrel while solving mathematical problems. The idea is that Adam Baylin’s body wasn’t able to keep up with his mind, so Foss hopes to overcome that. The episode at least confirms that Kyle XY is super-strong like Jessi XX.

It also looks like the company that owns ZZYZX [the company Adam Baylin started which created Kyle and Jessi] has begun their attempts to insert Jessi into and destabilize Kyle’s world. Jessi is now Ma Trager’s patient and the as-yet-unnamed Umbrella corporation that owned ZZYZX has bought Pa Trager’s company and put him out of a job.

At the end of the episode, Declan got an ominous envelope, showing photos of himself snooping around Tom Foss’ warehouse with a warning that he should back off if he doesn’t want those he loves hurt. I think that’s obviously Foss telling Declan that he is putting the Tragers in danger, albeit in his usual blunt manner. Part of me says that Declan’s a jerk for not being straight with his ex-girlfriend [and for dumping her in the first place], but let’s be honest: relationships aren’t built on hiding giant, whopping secrets from the ones you love. I hope that’s a lesson Kyle learns soon.

We also learned that Foss killed his family in a drunk driving accident, which probably explains why he’s so stiff/driven. I hope they aren’t going to soften him up. I think that would be a mistake for his character, since part of his appeal is the mystery he presents.

Things are picking up. Can’t wait to see what they come up with next week.


Sirius Knott

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