Kyle XY – Why I’m hooked

My wife has got me hooked on another show this summer while we await the return of Lost. Who would’ve thought that a show about a guy with no belly button would be this good?

 To prepare for the 2nd Season of Kyle, my wife had me cramming the 1st Season on DVD. So far, I like it. It has a few messages that I don’t like [like lying is good sometimes] and a few that I do [like teen sex really just complicates your life and you’re better off to abstain]. But messages and morals aside, the show is about Kyle and the family that adopts him as their own.

Kyle basically shows up in the middle of the woods, butt naked and covered in pink goo. He knows absolutely nothing at first [he even has to learn how to feed himself and when to go to the bathroom], but can somehow react quickly enough to grab a snake in mid-strike. It just gets weirder from there: He can leap off tall buildings with a single bound without harm. He can avoid punches like he has a “Spider-sense.” He can render portrait-quality artwork using pointalism and crayons. He can speak perfectly mimicked Chinese and martial art forms simply from watching kung fu; in fact, he picks up English almost overnight. He speed-reads at a galnce per page with perfect retention. He comprehends complex mathematical formula. He sleeps in a bathtub. He has no memories from before the night he showed up butt naked in the forest. He can predict weather and lightning strikes. As his character develops, so do his powers. He can shoot three pointers from anywhere, nothing but net. He swims like a dolphin, literally. By the end of the series, he can hear conversations across a crowded amusement park. He’s not invincible.

In fact, the company who made him is out to recover or destroy him, whichever is easier. He’s a clone. [The lack of a belly button was a dead giveaway]. Apparantly, a man named Adam Baylin found a way to amplify brain power and hoped to create beings with the potential to change the world for the better. Unfortunately, his corporate sponsors had a more mercenary vision. They use Adam’s creations as living computers [the human brain being so much more efficient than the artificial brains we’ve created]. Kyle was apparently downloaded with a pretty big company secret and, while he was scheduled for termination, he was rescued before the secret could be wiped from his memory. He unknowingly carries it. The current premise is that Jesse XX, their other asset, might be able to somehow hack his brain and retrieve the files locked away in his head.

The new season has added an ability to shatter glass when he gets stressed out, slowly developing telekinesis and the ability to make himself fire-proof to his already oh-wow-dude repertoire.

This is a nerd’s paradise! And I can’t wait for the next episode!


Sirius Knott


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